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    About Overactive Bladder 
    Information about this disorder, its other names and a list of resources.
    About Stress Incontinence 
    Risk factors, symptoms, and treatments for this disorder are discussed.
    AFUD Urinary Incontinence 
    Information on this disorder by the American Foundation for Urologic Disease.
    American Foundation for Urologic Disease 
    Providing information on incontinence, including FAQs and a message board.
    Answers about Prolapse and Incontinence in Women 
    Frequently asked questions and articles about uterine and vaginal prolapse, cystocoele and rectocole and their relationship to female urinary incontinence.
    Athena Women's Medical Group 
    Features a women's health specialists focusing on stress and urge urinary incontinence in the Greater San Francisco, California area.
    Bladder Control Treatments 
    Information on the range of therapies for treating bladder control problems.
    Bladder Leakage and Incontinence 
    Discussion of these disorders in women. Describes the different forms of incontinence and when women should seek medical advice.
    Bladder Woes Become Bedroom Foes 
    Dr. Donnica Moore discusses the symptoms of overactive bladder and its affects on bedroom activity and social life.
    Canadian Continence Foundation 
    Information about the organization as well as about incontinence. Gives resources and contact information.
    Clinical Investigations in Female Urinary Incontinence 
    Information about gynaecological examination, stress provocation test, neurological examination, the frequency/volume chart, measurement of residual urine, urinalysis, and references.
    Continuing Medical Education - Overactive Bladder 
    This program is intended for, but not limited to, urinary specialists, primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals who manage and treat patients with urinary incontinence.
    Depend and Poise Guide 
    A guide to urinary and bowel incontinence, bladder control and adult disposable briefs, undergarments, pads, guards for men and underpads absorbent products, that contains helpful information, support and encouragement for people with incontinence an
    Diagnostic Evaluation of Urinary Incontinence in Geriatric Patients 
    Introduction, prevalence, implications, physiology, basic mechanisms, evaluation, and tests.
    Dr. Andre Kulisz 
    A discussion about urinary incontinence, science, medicine, economics, weight loss, pelvic floor exercises, nutrition and food supplement.
    Dr. Matthew S Lief 
    An article with the different types of incontinence with a brief description of each.
    Female Urinary Incontinence 
    Short synopsis of studies and links to other papers on UI.
    Greater Carolinas Women's Center 
    Information about incontinence and services provided by the center.
    Hartford Hospital 
    Urinary incontinence, a description, a look at who gets it, and possible treatments.
    Heal Incontinence: Medical Treatment Appliance 
    Full information about therapy with the Detrusam 500 medical appliance for professional use in a doctor's office. Target audience is urologists or gynecologists.
    Health AtoZ 
    Learn more about this disorder including the prevention, causes, and treatment. Also offers a description of kegel exercises used in combating incontinence and a risk quiz. 
    Incontinence and medical links from around the world.
    A charity providing information and support to people affected by bladder and bowel problems. Includes a moderated chat room and active message board.
    An in depth look at both types of this disorder, stress and urge, by Urology Channel.
    Incontinence Discussion Forum 
    Share your thoughts, ask for or offer advice and generally discuss incontinence with fellow sufferers.
    Incontinence Resource Center 
    Large data base of information for this disorder. Included chat room, email list, numerous links to resources and results of studies done on products.
    Comprehensive lising of links to information about the non-surgical, non-drug treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence and related pelvic muscle dysfunctions.
    International Children's Continence Society 
    Information about the ICCS whose goal is to improve the quality of life and the life expectancy for all growing individuals with deficient bladder function. Details about meetings, courses and joining.
    International Continence Society 
    Information resource and meeting place for practitioners specialized in incontinence and patients suffering from the problem.
    Mayo Clinic 
    Explanation of normal urinary anatomy. Identifies types of incontinence, methods of testing and treatment.
    Med Help: Forum 
    Interactive medical question and answer format about urological cancer and incontinence. Patient question is replied to by online doctors with extensive library and archive of articles on urology.
    Information regarding the diagnosis and treatment options of incontinence and bladder control problems. Includes symptom descriptions.
    Provides medical information, interactive management tools, professional support, and an online community.
    National Institute on Aging 
    Information about urinary incontinence, including the different types, diagnosis, treatment, management and resources.
    National Institutes of Health. 
    Discussion of the pathophysiological and functional factors leading to urinary incontinence.
    National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse 
    Presented is an in depth look at incontinence is children. Included are both nighttime and daytime disorders, how the urinary system works, treatments and cures, points to remember and further resources.
    NIDDK Patient Education Brochures 
    Information for women discussing bladder control problems, causes, treatments, and emotional issues of female urinary incontinence.
    Nursing Continence Advisor 
    Distance Education Program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
    Overactive Bladder 
    A look at the OAB as well as self assessment questions, common signs and symptoms, myths and facts and patient experiences.
    Overactive Bladder Relief 
    Offers articles and webcasts about overactive bladder, frequent urination, and urinary incontinence.
    Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation 
    Offers information about kegel exercises and other methods of toning pelvic floor muscles to prevent or improve incontinence problems.
    Pelvic Toner and Pelvicisor 
    Kegel exercises in prevention of urinary incontinence.
    Seek Wellness 
    Provides basic information about how surgery and other treatments for prostate cancer can cause incontinence and how it can be treated, written by expert, Diane Newman.
    Southern Pines Women's Health Center 
    A brief description of all the different types of incontinence.
    Stress Urinary Incontinence Center 
    Definition along with links to additional information. Information from
    Stress Urinary Incontinence Clinical Research Study 
    Offers details about the study, who can participate and the benefits.
    Tchinc - Teenagers and Children with Incontinence 
    A website for all young sufferers, created and maintained by a 13 year old incontinence sufferer.
    The Impact of Incontinence 
    Discussion of urinary incontinence, the possible causes, and the impact it can have on a woman's everyday life.
    The Journal of Female Urinary Incontinence 
    Information on the current issue about female urinary incontinence.
    The Simon Foundation 
    Information about the organization which is dedicated to helping people cope with incontinence. Educating about cure, treatment and management techniques. Discussion groups, news and links.
    TT Med 
    Offers medical research information. Urology, urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, journal of urology, female incontinence and infections.
    Types of Incontinence 
    Various types of urinary incontinence and their causes are categorized according to whether their incidence is most common in children, women, men or elderly people.
    UCSF Women's Continence Center 
    Provides useful information about incontinence, bladder dysfunction, and pelvic floor prolapse. Also the services provided at the center are discussed.
    Understanding Incontinence 
    Includes answers to frequently asked questions and explanations of the different types of incontinence affecting women.
    Urethral Diverticulum at Seek Wellness 
    Provides basic information about this rare disorder written by Dr. Eric Rovner.
    Urinary Incontinence in Women 
    Extensive data base of information by the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse.
    Urology Channel 
    Information and resources on bladder control problems including diagnosis, intervention and treatment.
    Urology Channel 
    Urinary incontinence, a description a look at diagnosis and treatment.
    What is Overactive Bladder? 
    Provides basic information about this rare disorder written by expert, Diane Newman.