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    Forging the Clan - Gaming tips 
    Article by Mike Dorn in Computer Games Online. General tips to help the gameplay.
    King of Dragon Pass 
    Official site offers game overview, screenshots, FAQ, and art gallery.
    KoDP Mailing list 
    A YahooGroups mailing list with over 200 members including the creators of the game.
    KoDP Mailing List FAQ 
    A pretty large list of Frequently Asked Questions on a Yahoo mailing list.
    Oliver's KODP page 
    Includes a clan saga and tips (mostly lists of treasures and names in the game).
    Scripting Example 
    Example by David Dunham, developer of the game. Published on Computer Games Online.
    Tula of Clan Irvingi 
    A fan site with a strategy guide and gaming instruction.