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    Age of Heroes 
    Offers game information.
    Archers Tower 
    Maps and lists for Heroes 2 and 3. Note: Doesn't work well with Netscape.
    Astral Wizard's Heroes of Might and Magic 
    Presents news, map strategies, tips, and reviews.
    Celestial Heavens Unleashed 
    News, game concepts information, tactics, maps, FAQ.
    Heroes Community 
    A group of discussion forums.
    Heroes of Might and Magic Forever 
    Offers campaigns, high-scores, and strategies for Homm II and III.
    Mac Heroes 
    About Heroes series in general and the Macintosh versions in particular (especially Heroes 3). Strategy guides, downloads and game introductions.
    Several user-made maps.
    The Archers Tower 
    Offers maps, strategies, and player list.