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    Official site for the free open source code game based on Civ2. Download the game get the latest news and read the messageboards.
    FreeCiv 1.5 Information 
    These pages are designed to fill the gaps in the FreeCiv online documentation. By Rudy Moore.
    FreeCiv OpenVMS Port 
    Information on how to get FreeCiv compiling and running on OpenVMS.
    Freeciv Stuff 
    Patches, game logs and scripts for Freeciv.
    FreeCiv Tools & Toys 
    Modpacks, screenshots and tilesets for FreeCiv.
    An encyclopedia of units, city improvements, and wonders found in FreeCiv.
    The Freeciv Game User's Guide 
    This manual describes the game of Freeciv, its concepts and game elements. Freeciv is a game generally based upon the games Civilization and its successor, Civilization II.