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Makers of Combat Mission.
Combat Addiction at The DesertFox 
Graphical mods of unit and vehicle textures, German tank tactics and background information about the German Panzertruppe.
Combat Mission Headquarters 
Picture of the day, downloads, updates and game news.
Combat Mission Times 
Screen shots, scenarios, maps, user submissions, tactics, mods, links, terms and articles.
Der Kessel 
Mods, maps, and tips.
Games of War 
News, tactics, battles, maps and related information.
Lindan's Wargasm 
Scenarios, reviews and links.
MODs and MODers 
News, list of modifications and their authors and a tournament.
Scenario Archive 
Operations, scenarios, and play testing.
The Bunker 
Screen shots and tactics.
The Byte Battler 
Scenario archive for CMBO and CMBB. Also provides design guide and related documents and links.
Tournament House 
Combat Mission player ranking.