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All Civ 
Provides Civilization II and III news, information about the titles and bulletin boards.
Apolyton Civilization Site 
One of the oldest community sites that covers all Civilization games. Offers news coverage, interviews, file downloads and forums. 
New bilingual English and Polish fansite about Civ II and Civ III. Covers the two and a few other titles with files and forums.
Civilization Discussion List 
Mailing list for discussion about Civilization games; from the first title to the newest ones.
Civilization Fanatics Center 
Fan site dedicated to the entire Civilization series: Civ, Civ II and Civ III. News related to the titles, information, downloads and bulletin boards.
Civilization Fascist Site 
Offers a patch that adds fascism to the Civilization II and III government and unit structures.
Civilization Gaming Network 
Community website with forums and patches for Civ III.
FilePlanet - Civilization Series 
Download repository with patches for most titles in the series.
Gamecatcher Forum - Civ Related 
Forum for general discussion about the Civilization series.
Bilingual fan site in French and English with files for Civ II and Civ III and information about the different concepts in Civ III
Javier Arriaga's Website of Civilization 
Personal website dedicated to Civ, Civ II and Civ III. Several files available for download.
Nethog's Games Page 
Downloadable tech trees and unit summaries for Civ, Civ II, Civ III and Civ III PtW.