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    Brain Bank 
    Guide to Chron X strategy and tactics.
    Chron X 
    Official website includes free download of game software, player forums, tournaments, rankings, and game background.
    Chron X Events Calendar 
    Schedule of the month's upcoming tournaments.
    Chron X Utilities 
    Free downloads of DeckAlyz, CXMini, and Deck Generator, utilities for testing, monitoring, and generating random Chron X decks.
    Gamma Card Idea Test Site 
    Test new card ideas in Chronyx, an online parody of Chron X in Java.
    GenSys University Research Center (G.U.R.C.) 
    Tips, trades, lexicon, little-known command line options, and fun things.
    Ranma's Chron X Combos 
    Combinations of cards from First Edition and Overture that work well together.
    The Art of Dan Scott: Art from Chron X 
    Gallery of the artist's paintings for Chron X cards.
    The Gar's ChronX-files 
    Comprehensive guide to Chron X. Tips, information, and card database.
    The Ride of the Desperados 
    A group of veteran/suitcase players who have volunteered their time to help out new players, through a course of progressively harder challenges.