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    8025: A Spec Freq 
    A longstanding Infantry fan site, with notable features of The Spec Freak, photograph album, expanded news subsites, extensive help section, hosting, and forums.
    Official site of a 2D online multiplayer action game supported by The Sony Station.
    Infantry Sector 
    A popular Infantry fan site known for fast news, active forums, and a fun and relaxed attitude towards reporting.
    Infantry Static 
    Relatively new Infantry fan site that provides news, rumours, general information, hosting, and forums.
    An Infantry humour site, definitely not for the weak of heart.
    The Dropship 
    Includes news, fan fiction, interviews, artwork, guides, forums, hosting, and LaunchPad skins, all in a Flash layout.
    The NMEBase 
    Provides latest news, rumours, information on Infantry. Features include Banner Bonanza!, Match Results, Harmless Opinions, Grunt's Bunker, Squad/Player Database, Art Galleries, Fan Fiction, and wide range of hosted sites.