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    Homeworld Armadas Database 
    List of clans, with contact information, and other details.
    Homeworld Homesite 
    Hints, art, ship stats, walkthrough, downloads, and music.
    Homeworld Screenshot Archive 
    Huge collection of HW, HW:C and MOD screenshots and medamanx's personal map archive.
    Homeworld Universe 
    Includes strategies, editing, fiction, screenshots, and forums. 
    Official site includes storyline and concepts, news, downloads, screen savers, themes, concept art, screen shots, sounds, movies, utilities, and technical support.
    Homeworld: The Search For Hiigara 
    Simple designed standard featured site with saved games, cheats and command line options listing.
    Kiith Sectau 
    Offers history and ship information about the kiith sectau race.
    Nova Divine Universe 
    Community news, resources, and the Nova Divine TC modification.
    Project: Red 
    Contains news, mods, maps, and ships. 
    Articles, FAQ, reviews and patches.
    The Guidestone 
    News, downloads, screen shots, maps, forums, music, interactive stories, postcards, strategy of the day, and listing of armadas.