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ALtER - Empire Earth's #1 clan 
Empire Earth clan site with news on the clan and member information.
Azoic's Empire Earth Directory 
Azoic's Empire Earth Directory is a large, complete directory of EE fansites and other resources.
EE Battlefield 
Content includes latest news, a forum, tips and strategies, Art of Conquest Expansion information, and downloads of scenarios, civilisations and mod packs.
EE Empire 
Including information on units, buildings and powers with tips on how to use them, and downloads of demos and amature add-ons.
Empire Earth 
Official site by Sierra Studios offers thorough game descriptions, developer views, news, screens, multimedia and forums.
Empire Earth Aeon 
Specializing in map editing, scenarios and scripting.
Empire Earth Domain fan site 
Empire Earth Fan site. A Group making Scenerio's and Campains for Empire Earth Epoch. They also need beta testers and developers.
Empire Earth Heaven 
Fan site provides forums, news, FAQ, game information, downloads, and screenshots. Part of the Heaven Gaming Sites.
Empire Earth HQ 
Offers a general description of Empire Earth as it stands now.
Empire Earth NetCenter 
A comprehensive site including news, databases (screenshots, players, sites), FAQ, game information and forums.
Empire Earth Place 
Offers news, picture of the day, screenshots, forums, and game information.
Empire Earth XL 
Information and reviews on the units, buildings and epochs in Empire Earth, with tips on how to use them.
Hannibal's Empire Earth 
Empire Earth details, including information on the units, buildings and epochs with downloads of the demo and patch.
The Wargamer - Review - Empire Earth 
A review of Empire Earth with overview, features, pros/cons, and a conclusion.