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3D - Game Demos 
Provides useful data about the game and its system requirements as well as information about its story. Includes 3 screenshots and links for download servers.
Activision Staff Strategies 
Includes tips and tricks specified by Activision staff members, like John Heineke or Josh Resnick.
Cheat Code Central 
Provides cheats for Dark Reign: The Future Of War. Includes instructions for a hidden level, as well as instructions in order to select any mission.
Dark Reign 
Dark Reign: "The Future of War" is Auran's first published game and was released in September 1997.
Dark Reign 2 
Created by Activision. Offers news about the game, information about its story, a free demo version, data about the team and a message board.
Dark Reign 2 - Pandemic Studios 
Contains information about the game, about its story, images and screenshots as well as downloads for patches and new maps.
Dark Reign Cheats and Hints 
Cheats and hints for Dark Reign, provided by Game Revolution. Offers advice for Death Blow Level. Includes a cheat used in order to make all missions available.
Games Domain - Demos 
Provides a short description for this game. Includes links for different servers which host the demo version of the game.
GameSpot's Guide to Dark Reign 
Created by P. Stefan Janicki, the guide offers useful information about the strategy suitable to use when playing this game. Includes data about the Freedom Guard, the Imperium and the Extra Units.
Contains quotes from and links to a variety of game reviews, plus cheats, information, and an overall score for Dark Reign 2.
Speedy 3D 
Offers a review for Dark Reign 2, with screenshots included.
The Adrenaline Vault 
Provides several cheats for this game, including ways to earn money, to skip missions or to obtain an extra level.
The Dark Reign Database 
Includes several guides related to game units, history and tactics. The Shadowhand section is under construction.
The Dark Reign Depot 
A fan site. Offers the demo version, a patch for the full version, chat rooms for fans, guestbook, screen shots and strategy tips.