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    A Nocturne in Black and White 
    Presents news, game information and downloads.
    Black and White 
    Official site from Electronic Arts.
    Black and White Center 
    Offers news, information, screenshots, features, downloads, and forums.
    Black and White Gold 
    News announcement that the game has been mastered and will be shipping soon. Offers a preview and screenshots.,10870,2697631,00.html
    Many Shades of Grey 
    Includes screenshots, reviews, and guides.
    Contains quotes from and links to a variety of game reviews, plus cheats, information, and an overall score.
    Planet Black and White 
    Offers articles, forums, downloads, FAQ, and links.
    Salon: Playing God 
    "The long-awaited game Black and White is everything fans hoped it would be: A state-of-the-art excursion into our own souls." By Wagner James Au.
    Spyware concerns over fast selling PC game 
    "Fast-selling PC game Black and White has generated a storm of controversy on messaging boards this week amid concerns that it is being used to spy on gamers." By John Leyden. [The Register]
    The Final Hours of Black and White 
    Article and interview with Peter Molyneux detailing the entire development process for the game. By Geoff Keighley. [GameSpot]