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    Advanced Strategic Command 
    A turn based strategy game for Linux or Windows. (Open Source)
    Attal: Lords of Doom 
    Turn-based strategy game for Linux in which you control bases and manage fighting lords.
    Boa game 
    A multi-player clone of the worm(6). Includes, server, client, and bot. Source can be compiled for SGI, Linux, Sun or Gnuwin32.
    A real-time Linux strategy game for two players. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
    Turn-based empire building strategy game for Windows. (Open Source)
    Castle Combat 
    A clone of Rampart for Linux. Two players build castle walls, place cannons inside these walls, and shoot at the walls of their enemies.
    Turn-based Civilization clone written in Java. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
    Constellation is a 2D turn-based pure-multiplayer strategy / combat game for Windows with a space theme. Well suited to be played by email.
    Multiplayer real-time strategy game inspired by Railroad Tycoon and Railroad Tycoon II. Written in both C++ and Java. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
    Single player, 3D, realtime strategy for Windows with up to three computer opponents.
    Turn-based strategy game with some strong RPG elements, based on a game by Julian Gollop. Runs under MS-DOS, Windows and Linux by using an Atari emulator. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
    Overlord '44 
    Overlord '44 is a 3D real-time strategy game about the D-Day landings. You will command either the Allies trying to get further inland or the Axis trying to repel the Allies.
    Phobia III 
    Choose your weapon and tactics to slaughter as many of the aliens that swarm you as possible. Features stunning graphics for Windows or Linux.
    Space strategy game for Windows.
    Pocket Civ 
    Turn-based Civilization clone for Palm OS.
    The Colonization II Project 
    Project to create an alternative sequel to the turn-based strategy game Colonization by Sid Meier.
    The General 
    Turned based military strategy game for Windows in which you control a nation. Your goal is to unite the world under your rule, upon conquering all the other states.
    Civilization style game for Unix/Linux/X11, Macintosh, or Windows. Features multiple AIs, networking for multi-player games, and an extensive game library.