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GameSpot: Fleet Command 
Reviewed by Chet Thomas, 7.5/10. "The many strong points tilt the scale in Fleet Command's favor and overcome many of its interface problems.",10867,2536050,00.html
Happy Puppy: Jane's Fleet Command 
Reviewed by Chris Hudak, 7/10. "Im not sure how realistic Fleet Command is (having never even stood on the deck of any military ship newer than 30 years old), but it feels realistic, which is the appeal of the game."
Jane's Fleet Command 
Official site. Offers information, screenshots, FAQs, movie, patch, and demo.
The Adrenaline Vault: Jane's Fleet Command 
Reviewed by Adam Swiderski, 3.5/5. "Jane's Fleet Command is a decent stab at both real-time strategy and ultra-light wargaming, it masters neither and thus fails to topple Harpoon from its lofty perch."