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    Demos for Windows and Macintosh, new breeds, add-ons, programs, links and competitions.
    Amelia's Oddballz 
    Offers information on the official breeds, and image galleries.
    Macintosh Hex Oddz 
    Demo and new breeds available for Macintosh, add-ons, news, and links.
    Miriam's Hexed Oddballz 
    Image galleries, program information, and links to other sites.
    New Island Oddballz 
    New textures, and new breeds available as Eggz Scrambler project files.
    Oddballz Mania 
    Image galleries, sounds, game information, Eggz Scrambler project files, and links.
    Oddballz Neo 
    Demos for Windows and Macintosh, official eggz, third-party eggz, add-ons, news and links.
    Oddballz Online Help 
    Subjects covered include Aging, Feeding, Training, and Technical Support.
    Oddballz OverDrive 
    Offers information on the official breeds, images, guestbook, and links.
    Oddballz Web Fun Pack 
    Clip art, animations, buttons, backgrounds and banners, for use on your web page.