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GameFAQs: El-Fish 
Includes frequently asked questions and strategy guide.
Games Domain: El-Fish 
Offers SVGA update patch to corrects display problems with some graphics cards.
Known Users: El-Fish 
Reviewed by David Reynolds. "The lifelike images are truly beautiful."
Mark and Trish's El-Fish Page 
Program information, image galleries, new fish breeds, and links.
Scootie and the El-Fish 
Offers game information, image galleries, links, and downloads of fish, and tanks.
The Adrenaline Vault: El-Fish 
Hints for the PC version gives information on how to create mutant fish.
The El-Fish Tank 
Offers game information, links, and downloads of fish, tanks, objects, and music.
The Lady Phantom El-Fish Archive 
Offers new fish breeds for the aquarium simulator.
Wired Magazine: El-Fish 
Previewed by Dan Ruby. "Users will be dazzled by the realistic colors and varieties of fish."