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ESC Magazine 
Review by Steve Davis, 9/10. "As far as sims go, Moon Tycoon is definitely worth playing. Since we havent conquered the moon (yet), the game allows more freedom than some of the Earth-based games." 
Formerly known as Luna. Game description and review by Louis Bedigian with screen shots.
Legacy Interactive: Moon Tycoon 
Publisher's site. Includes missions, requirements, features including characters, buildings, campaigns, and disasters, screen shots, technical support, tips, and forum.
Moon Tycoon 
Official web site. Screen shots, demo and story line.
Ogre's Network 
Review by Jim Chamberlin, 3/5. "Overall gameplay isn't great, but it's not bad either."
Video Game News 
Review by Kevin J. Baird. "Moon Tycoon is a perfect example of a title that delivers everything that is promised. No more, No less."