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Article on The Sims: Living Large, and SimsVille.,1017,1719,00.html
Reinier's Sim Center 
Offers strategies, cheats, and links for many sim games.
Sim Gamer 
Offers cheats, hints, and downloads.
Sim Network Gaming 
Coverage of The Sims, Sim Theme Park, and SimCity.
Sim Web 
Contains links, cheats, and downloads to many of the Sim Games. 
Covering SimCity 3000, SimCity 4000, The Sims, Livin Large, and SimsVille.
Offers information, cheats, and downloads for SimCity, The Sims, and The Sims Online.
Offers game information for The Sims, Simsville, SimGolf, and SimCity 3000.
Sims Source 
Reviews on all of the Sim Games. Includes cheats.
The SimPage 
Offers user creations, cheats, news, and screenshots for games such as SimCopter, the SimCity series, The Sims, SimsVille, and SimMars.
Offers information, and downloads for The Sims, SimCity, and SimGolf.