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Games Domain: Starpeace: Rise of the Tycoons 
Reviewed by Michael Gonsalves. "The game combines an extremely detailed business model that surpasses Industry Giant and Capitalism Plus."
GiN: Star Peace 
Reviewed by Jevon Jenkins. "A great game with some serious depth and realism, StarPeace is undoubtedly a mental challenge for all you Wall Street junkies out there."
Star Peace Portal 
Offers news, information, downloads, FAQs, forum, glossary, and links.
Star Peace: The Rise of Tycoons 
Official site. Offers program information, demo, screenshots, stories, tutorials, FAQs, and links.
Starpeace 101: A guide to Starpeace 
Offers tips covering strategy, commerce, industry, residential, and warehouses.
StarPeace Penny Pincher's 
Offers a comprehensive guide, plus glossary, forum, and links.
The Adrenaline Vault: Star Peace 
Preview by Jonathan Houghton, "No other company, that I know of, has ever created such an intricate economic system in a game."
Unofficial Starpeace Site 
Offers program information, articles, and screenshots.