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Ganon's Tower 
News, screenshots, artwork, story, games, music, chat, wallpapers, movies, and desktop themes.
History of Zelda 
Data, overviews, and screenshots of the main Zelda games up to the year 2000. 
News, walkthroughs, frequently asked questions, sound files, videos, screenshots, MIDIs, information, forums, and fan fiction. [popups]
Legend of Zelda: The Grand Adventures 
News, images, music, fan fiction, walkthroughs, item lists, heart piece locations, and information on the complete series.
Link's Legacies 
Information and walkthroughs for some of the games.
Link's Zelda Cave 
Quiz, jokes, map, fan-fiction, downloads, opinions, frequently asked questions, message board, and chatroom.
Scroll's of the Grand Hyrule 
Message boards for six games in the series and an archive.
Team Anti: The Legend of Zelda Mega Site 
Offers walkthroughs, maps, screenshots, cheats, and links.
The Castle ZCube 
News, information, and screenshots of the upcoming GameCube Zelda title.
The Legends of Zelda 
Features news, a comprehensive storyline, articles, multimedia, emulation, and several interactive features.
The Lost Woods 
Site featuring information on all games in the series including storylines, walkthroughs, songs, swords, shields, frequently asked question, and cheats and codes.
The Master Sword 
News, screenshots, walkthroughs, codes, and secrets for the Zelda series.
The Zelda Fan 
Codes, heart locations, items list, maps, and links.
The Zelda Vault 
Includes reviews, tips, codes, heart locations and walkthoughs for all the games.
Zelda Chaos 
Illustrated guide to the glitches found in the games.
Zelda Elements 
Game information, media, and fan works.
Zelda Gaming Online 
Codes, items, walkthroughs, secrets, screenshots, and maps.
Zelda Planet 
News, characters, fan art, images, message boards, and movies.
Zelda Power 
Covers entire series. Images, news, music, screen savers, walkthroughs, codes, frequently asked questions, screen shots, movies, items, characters, message board, and chat room.
Zelda Universe 
Official site contains extensive game help, frequently asked questions, parental information, and system information. 
Contains information, codes, walkthroughs, tips, tricks, glitches, rumors, boss strategies, screen shots, game help, quizzes, gameshark codes, and triforce pictures.
Zelda: The Hylian Legends 
A comprehensive source of Zelda information, including guides, maps, and multimedia.
Offers item lists, masks, heart piece locations, walkthroughs, and maps.