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Official pages at the Acclaim website.
All-Reviews (Dreamcast) 
Reviewed by: Tom Allen, score 1.5/4. "Armageddon storylines are so tiresome."
All4Games: Shadow Man 
Site features pictures, reviews, links, a slideshow, codes, cheats, and release dates.
GameSpot Review (DreamCast) 
Rated 6.7/10 by Miguel Lopez. "Shadow Man for the Dreamcast is truly the only console version of the game that isn't a chore to play." [Subscription required.],10867,2540575,00.html
GameSpot Review (Nintendo 64) 
Rated 6.9/10 by Nelson Taruc. "Shadow Man embodies the spirit of solid-gold game design: a worthwhile, captivating storyline; gameplay that lets you choose your own path; and tons of hidden areas to discover." [Subscription required.],11114,198601,00.html
GameSpot Review (PC) 
Rated 5.0/10 by Erik Wolpaw. "It seems silly to malign a game about the undead by calling it lifeless, but that's exactly Shadow Man's problem." [Subscription required.],10867,2532968,00.html
GameSpot Review (PlayStation) 
Rated 4.4/10 by Miguel Lopez. "If you're dead set on experiencing this title, you'd be better off going with the N64 version, or maybe even wait for the Dreamcast release." [Subscription required.],10867,2549257,00.html