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Bowser's Keep 
Bowser character shrine, with biographies, chat room, forums, Java games, downloads, game glitches, and wallpapers.
Bowsers Castle 
Offers information, and screenshots for the Mario series.
Java Mario Bros Emulator 
Play the ZX-Spectrum version of Mario Bros. in a Java window.
Luigi World 
Pictures, sounds, links, news, and information.
Luna's Yoshi Sanctuary 
A collection of information and images on Yoshi, as well as a huge collection of Luna's original Yoshi fan art.
Mario Nostalgia 
Images and screenshots from various Mario games. Home of the Mario Game Graphics Webring.
Mario World 
Information, downloads, and animations.
Neglected Mario Characters 
The original web page praising the neglected characters of the Mario universe.
Nintendo Online Forums 
A great place to talk to fellow Super Mario Bros. fans, and learn more about the games themself.
Contains information, and screenshots for the Mario Bros. series.
Super Mario Bros. Headquarters 
Reviews, polls, cartoons, guides, lists, and information.
Super Mario Bros. Monster Compendium 
Collection of data on the many enemies that Mario and Luigi face in their adventures. Includes sample monster, monster archives, and gender equality.
Super Mario Bros. Super Site 
For the true Mario and Luigi fan. Updates, previews, timeline of mario, reviews, Mario media and information.
Super Mario Team 
Offers fan fiction, links, FAQs, and forums.
The Kinopian Times 
This is the press headquarters for the monthly Mario/Nintendo newsletter, The Kinopio News.
The Luigi Awareness Society 
Dedicated to that "other" Mario brother. Includes pictures, information, and chat.
The Mushroom Kingdom 
Offers pictures, music, fan-art, fan-fiction, desktop themes, and links.
The Mushroom Kingdom 
Super Mario Bros. downloads and information. Covers all Mario games and cameos, offers tips, and features the Mariopedia.
TMK - The Mario Kingdom 
Downloads, music, sounds, reviews, previews, games, and browsers.
Toad Kinopio 
Offers information, sounds, and pictures about the Kinopio character.
Wario Brothers 
Offers pictures, and information about Wario and Waluigi.
Yoshi Fan Club 
Fan club with images and message boards. 
Includes fan-art and screen shots.