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Reviewed by Jake the Snake, also includes screen shots. (Dreamcast) 
[8/10] Reviewed by: Dr. Atomic. "This truck-drivin' game may be a short ride, but it's a fun one." Also includes cheat codes. (Dreamcast)
[6.5/10] Reviewed by: Brad Shoemaker. "The game is fun when you sit down with it, but two hours later you'll have seen everything there is to see." Also includes screen shots, codes, and reader reviews. (Dreamcast),11114,437055,00.html
[4.6/10] Reviewed by: Ryan Davis. "18 Wheeler, which was less than impressive on the Dreamcast, is even less so when presented on the technically superior GameCube." Also includes screen shots and reader reviews. (Gamecube),11114,545937,00.html
[6.3/10] Reviewed by: Shahed Ahmed. " is too short to hold your interest for very long." Also includes screen shots and reader reviews. (Playstation 2),11114,517538,00.html
Gaming Maxx 
[6.8/10] Reviewed by: Steve Webber. "But as a game you play at home, it's just way too short." (Dreamcast) 
Reviewed by: Lawerence Neves. "Unfortunately, the control problems wont make much of a difference, because the game is so easy to complete." (Dreamcast) 
[7.8/10] Reviewed by: Anthony Chau. "When you take away the big steering wheel, loud horn, and huge cabinet you get a decent DC game." Also includes screen shots. (Dreamcast)