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    All4Games: Star Wars Racer 
    Slideshow, screen shots, and links to reviews.
    Freaky Cheats 
    Nintendo 64 cheat codes including invincibility, debug mode, and bonus characters, game shark codes, and hints.
    Contains Nintendo 64 version FAQs covering story, controls, pods, tracks, tournament levels, tips, pit droids, equipment, cheat codes, and secrets.
    Gamespot: Star Wars Episode I Racer Game Guide 
    Features racing overview and theory, game types, pits, equipment, worlds, secrets, codes, and track description and tips.
    International Podracing Circut 
    Includes characters, pod statistics, upgrades, and screen shots.
    LucasArts: Star Wars Episode I Racer 
    Official Site featuring screen shots, video, demo, and system information.
    Nintendo: Star Wars Episode I Racer 
    Publisher's site, with characters, race tracks, strategy guides, and screen shots. 
    Contains features, story, characters, strategy hints and tips, forum, and downloads.