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    3D Gamers 
    Includes game details, official files, and a description.
    Dominion Wars 
    Official site. Includes news, screenshots, and a message board.
    Forum where players discuss the game.
    Game Zone 
    Includes game description, hardware requirements, and related links to downloads.
    Game information with links to reviews, previews, cheats, and a forum.
    Message board for players of the game.
    GamesPaper News 
    Article about the announcement of the game and release date.
    GameSpot UK 
    Includes a preview, news, screenshots, downloads, and interviews.,2193,31185,00.html
    Gone Gold 
    Contains game information and links to many previews.
    Links to news and previews.
    Contains previews, screenshots, and a discussion board.
    The Adrenaline Vault 
    Interview with Michael Wallis of Simon & Schuster.