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Reviewed by: Star Dingo, score 4/5. "Yes, make no mistake: Ooga Booga is very much a party game."
Reviewed by: Joe Fielder, score 7.2/10. "A lighthearted and somewhat original game, but it's not quite as addictive as the games it most closely resembles.",10867,2812902,00.html
Reviewed by: Lawrence Neves, score 4/5. "The best thing about Ooga Booga is its energy."
Reviewed by: Anthony Chau, score 9.4/10. "The Dreamcast online jungle has a new king of multiplayer games."
Contains quotes from and links to a variety of game reviews, plus cheats, information, and an overall score.
Planet Dreamcast 
Reviewed by: Sempai, score 8/10. "Tribes. Boars. Shruken Heads. Joe VS The Volcano?"
Official site. Contains information and screenshots.
Reviewed by: Mike Renner, score A-. "After a rash of rushed and buggy releases, Visual Concepts give us a reminder of why it is a respected developer."