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Gamer's Hell 
PC review by Boughton, 7.1/10. "For most people this game is good, but could've been great given deeper gameplay and a little innovation." 
PC review by Bernard Dy, 72%. "This title is a solid but basic RTS for general audiences that will appreciate its faithfulness to the Army Men theme."
PC review by Mur Lafferty, 77%. "Army Men RTS has hit on something - it's serious, it's primal, it's wacky and it's fun, all at once. You get all the fun of RTS fundamentals combined with the kitsch appeal of plastic soldiers."
The Adrenaline Vault 
PC review by Bob Mandel, 3/5. "Army Men RTS does not attempt to expand the existing bounds of the real-time strategy genre, yet playing this title is quite enjoyable."