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    Central Silent Hill 
    Includes maps, items, keys, FAQs, enemies, endings, codes, weapons, theories, secrets, downloads and a message board.
    FAQs, walkthroughs, cheat codes, data sheet and player reviews.
    My Restless Dreams 
    Walkthroughs, images, characters, endings, demons and general information on the series.
    SH Forever 
    Features enemies, characters, cheats, FAQs, images, items, maps, quotes, reviews, secrets, weapons and walkthrough for Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3, and Restless Dreams. Includes message board and links.
    Silent Hill - The Alluring Nightmare 
    Walkthroughs, characters, maps, weapons, previews, discussions, fan art, stories and contests.
    Silent Hill Assylum 
    News, information, discussion and links on Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2.
    Silent Hill Asylum 
    Coverage on the series. Cheats, downloads, soundtrack, walkthrough, FAQs, fan art and fiction, characters, item and weapon lists.
    Silent Hill: Welcome to Hell 
    Fan site with game secrets, weapons, items and monsters lists, and a message board.
    Walking in the Fog 
    Fan play/novel. Includes screen shots, monsters, characters and cards.