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    Guidelines for World Creation 
    Juha juuso Vesanto's classic primer in outline format, describing various approaches, resources, and advice about world design.
    Patricia C. Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions 
    Advice on creating a believable fantasy world, with a particular eye toward crucial yet easily overlooked details.
    Rich Staats' RPG Articles 
    Many interesting original and adapted articles of all aspects of gaming worlds, with much of interest to world builders.
    The Fantasy World Builders Forum 
    A forum for fantasy world builders with supplement site.
    World Builder Projects 
    Starting place for information on how to build an imaginary setting.
    World Builders 
    Charter School of Education: California State University, Los Angeles. A website supporting an on-site Worldbuilding course, a distance education course, and serving as a resource for teachers.
    World Building 
    Contains mainly links to world design related articles and pointers to interesting sites.
    World Building Resources 
    A few handy links for mapping aficionados, including a downloadable list of place names and another enumerating geographical features (i.e., coast, point, bog, etc). Useful when trying to name features in large areas.