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    Adam's Archmage Page 
    With tutorial for beginning mages in Archmage, and links.
    Aldrea-one of my RP char's 
    The story of a character used in the Red Dragon Inn, an RP chat by Beseen.
    Alien Adoption Agency 
    Roleplaying game where players adopt an alien and use it to explore, amass wealth, and take on other aliens in mortal battle.
    Alien Training Center 
    Roleplaying game where roleplayers battle with aliens.
    New RPG game set in the future, web based, 3 classes, 2 languages, and 3 professions.
    Battle other archmages with troops, artifacts and spells in a bitter struggle for supremacy. A free, graphical, turn-based, multiplayer fantasy game. CGI.
    Ax's Multi Platform RPG 
    A chat RPG combining Final Fantasy, Power Stone, and Harvest Moon.
    Adventure in a world similar to Ultima. A free, graphical, multiplayer fantasy game. CGI.
    Explore ItLand alone as you attempt to help Banja keep the magical island pure and vibrant. A free, graphical, solo adventure game. Requires the Flash plugin.
    Call of the Warlords 
    Fantasy multiplayer strategy game with battle, magic, diplomacy, and subterfuge.
    HTML enabled real time chat for role players. Medieval Kingdom, Renaissance Realm, Bohemian Fringe chat areas. Request a new chat room and message board for your group free of charge.
    Dark Forces 
    A group within the Talkcity chatroom dark fantasy RPG Tyrans Cove. Entryway to site is a sequence of walk-through graphics pages.
    Manage a dominion and ally with fantasy races in your realm to use war, magic and espionage to conquer the world.
    Dragon Hunters' Guild 
    Dragon hunting game with different guilds to choose from.
    Game Wizard 
    Discover the way of the Wizard in this solo adventure demo. Flash 4 with Javascript.
    Page about a character roleplayed in Live Universe. Link to a Live Universe chat room.
    A world of weapons and magic, strange friendships and betrayals, teamwork and individual play set in a compelling medieval land of heroes and villains. A free, multiuser, real-time, fantasy game. CGI
    Illumia RPG 
    A single-player graphical fantasy adventure, including monsters, people, and treasure. With information about the game, FAQ, and forum.
    Isle of the Moon 
    Fight enemies with steel and spells in a world similar to Ultima. A free, graphical, real-time fantasy solo adventure. Java.
    Javamud Online 
    Travel this rapidly expanding world solo and explore its nooks and crannies. A free, graphical, MUD-like game. Java. Users behind some firewalls will not be able to play.
    Knight's Quest: Online RPG 
    Adventure in a world similar to Bard's Tale. A free, graphical, fantasy solo adventure. Javascript.
    Magic and Warriors 
    FREE Choose from over 15 types of characters, each with their own unique abilities! Find wealth and fortune, run through harsh quests and mazes, solve riddles and mysteries, buy a house, slain a dragon, start a family, get married, go fishing, test
    Paradise Islands 
    A game where you can play any of the Royal Family, knights, nobles, commoners, or Raiders. You can own dragons, too.
    Phantasie Crossroads 
    Dedicated to the preservation of medieval fantasy Free-Form roleplay and writing, as well as the idea and hope of creating a positive online roleplaying community.
    Help Brandin and Vorin in their adventures through the Septentrie Realm and become a great wizard. A free, choose-your-own-adventure game. HTML with Javascript.
    RRA Dragonball Z/GT RPG 
    Dragonball Z roleplaying in BeSeen chat rooms.
    Sailor Moon RPG 
    A different version of Senshi's journey, starting from the very beginning. Many spots still open.
    Shattered Light 
    Welcome to Terris, Capital of Delos. The main purpose of this site is to give players of the computer game Shattered Light a easy way to find their way around the city.
    Space Pirate 
    Roleplaying game where players roleplay scrupleless space pirates in search of glory.
    Speedwreck's Metal Reign 
    With all the mecha from Gundam, Macross and Battletech you are fighting against a new evil in the universe. One that has destroyed the Earth and his conquering alien worlds by the dozen.
    Star Trek: A Call to Duty 
    Text-based online multi-player web game. The only official Star Trek game sanctioned by Paramount Entertainment.
    Survival Dawn 
    A survival-horror, text-based RPG in which roleplayers strive to stay alive in a futuristic world.
    The Academy 
    Institution of education for a Star Wars combine freelance roleplaying Group
    The Alliance Central Access Network Forums 
    Message board RPG whose members represent politicians of an influential government that exists in an imaginary roleplaying based on Star Trek, but set 130 years after DS9.
    The DDK 
    A place to find out about the story that began with a dragon, a damsel, and a knight.
    The Dragmire Legacy 
    A historical account of Aegis Dragmire as he is on Yahoo Chat, and in fictional novels written by the author of the site.
    The Fantasy Castle 
    A chat site offering a place to let your imagination flow free. Be a human, dragon, elf, or any creature.
    The Keep 
    A role-playing chat site based on the World of Darkness. The Keep encourages diceless play and character development.
    The Kingdom of Eden 
    Online free style roleplaying chatroom. Created in a Kingdom setting, all are welcome to come and enjoy the fun.
    The Library of Highmoon 
    With information about Galon and Kaerith, two AD&D-inspired worlds. Includes technical information, campaign logs, and an online campaign.
    The Romance of the Three Kingdom 
    Online game where you need to build and raise a kingdom.
    The Song of the Dragons 
    Characters are dragons, who share stories, poetry and songs, and relax. Yahoo Club.
    The World of the Dragon and the Unicorn 
    In a fantasy world. With characters, guilds, map, and message boards.
    Vagabond's Quest 
    Dungeon crawl alone or battle live opponents in the Arena. A free, graphical, real-time multiplayer fantasy game. CGI.
    White Mages Guild of Last Kingdom 
    Various rooms showing different items found in the game, sections about the game, frequently asked questions, and guild information.
    Xena/Hercules RPG 
    Yahoo! Clubs xenaroleplayinggame. A place for fans of Xena and Hercules to role play.