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    5029 Odyssey 
    A multiplayer game about exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination set in the future. Sign up for beta testing.
    Age of Chaos 
    Free turn-based strategy game playable directly from your browser. No downloads or Java needed. Beta testing.
    Free medieval multi-player game similar to Civilization. You can play with most web browsers or an IRC client.
    Turn-based multi-player war game.
    Free fantasy game where you can build your armies and research spells.
    Science Fiction multi-player game on a galactic scale. Develop and manage your own planets. Construct mighty fleets of spaceships, and carry out your own attack and defense plans. Active interaction between the Empire and other players.
    Free air combat game based on 26 military planes. No download needed.
    Astro Wars 
    Free multi-player space strategy game runs in real-time. You start with your own planet. Build up and colonize planets in competition with other players.
    Free turn-based space science-fiction game. 
    Java-based world conquest game for one to five players with internet messenger system and graphic interface demonstration.
    Beyond The Stars III 
    Play by mail space game about exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination set in the future. NOTE: this is not a free game. You need to pre-purchase game time.
    BlackNova Traders 
    A multi-player space exploration game inspired by the game of TradeWars.
    Call of Combat - Official Site 
    A multi-player, real-time strategy game based on small-arms combat in WWII Europe. Players control four soldiers on a virtual battlefield and work together with other players on their team to eliminate the enemy team through tactical maneuvers with s
    Campaign for the Cosmos 
    Create and manage an empire in space and try to develop the best strategy so you can rule the galaxy.
    Civil Invasion 
    This game allows you to run a civilization of any size from small to superpower, via BBS on
    Civil War 2 
    Another civil war is being fought in the USA. You take charge of foreign nations to fight for either side. Will your nation survive?
    Run your own country by setting tax and draft rates, military actions, covert operations, all while you are interacting with other players also trying to become the most powerful country on the planet.
    Cyber City 
    Have your very own house, pizza hut, hotel, and club. Note: In order to play or view any information you have to first sign the guest book.
    Dark Galaxy 
    Multi-player turn-based space game played through your web browser, with thousands of people around the world.
    Dawn of Myth 
    Turn-based game set in a medieval fantasy setting. The main goal is to become the strongest. This however can only be achieved by also being the meanest.
    Dibblez - Online Multiplayer Game 
    Multiplayer game where you can meet other people in a chat room and challenge them to a game. Dibbles are small cute little creatures.
    Domesty - Gates of Eternity 
    A web-based online strategy game in which you take the role of the leader of a province in a fantasy world.
    Free medieval background war game where you can manage your resources and build armies.
    A game where every visitor can build a virtual robot, equip it with unique weapons and devices, and can send their droids to battle each other. NOTE: Pay to Play but may contain little support or help.
    Disciple is free version with 24 creatures on a chess-like board. The goal is to destroy your opponent's creatures using special powers.
    Dystopia: The Death of Paradise 
    Real-time multi-player fantasy war game. Use military, magic, and treachery to dominate the Dystopian world.
    Turn-based strategy and war game based around the illegal arms market.
    In this game, you are given a planet with a chance to rule the universe.
    A multi-player real-time strategic action board game. The fundamental objective is to seek out and absolutely destroy every other player on the board.
    A turn-based game set in a fantastical world of armies, monsters, and supernatural warfare.
    Exclusion Zone 
    Real time strategy game set on a future planet earth. Note: this game is in alpha testing.
    A combat and space trading game with upgrading, custom attack modes, planet colonizations, diplomacy, economics, and researches.
    Final Harbour 
    Take the role of the leader of a province in a real-time fantasy world.
    Galactic Conq 
    Galactic exploration, colonization, empire building, and war.
    Galactic Conquest 
    A free, solo strategy game that enables players to amass fleets of ships in order to conquer the galaxy.
    Galactic Empires for networks 
    Galactic Empires is a multi-user-real-time-strategy game, where a bunch of space admirals commanding worlds and warships try to conquer the universe. It is meant primarily to be played among human players (half a dozen is about optimal).
    Galactic Trader 
    Buy, sell and smuggle goods and contraband while avoiding the Galactic Police and the evil Thargoids, or join the police or Thargoid Empire yourself.
    An immersive game which pits you against others in a war to take over the galaxy. NOTE: Shockwave needed to play.
    A turn-based multi-player game. Become a thug, drug dealer, or pimp, and group with others to battle rival gangs in an effort to become number one. Free membership expires after one month.
    A free turn-based game based on the mob era. Take the role of a gangster and muscle your way through towards absolute power.
    Gates Motel 
    A multiplayer web game loosely based on an old BBS game called Murder Motel. Collect the appropriate weapons, ammo and defenses. Find and eliminate targets and avoid being eliminated yourself.
    Gefallende Reich 
    A fast paced multiplayer game involving trade, combat and Nazis. Use soldiers, tanks, planes and spies.
    Mystic multi-player game about the five elemental races. Live out multiple lifetimes as you create worlds of peace or war.
    Real-time simulation game with lots of images.
    Turn-base games where you can build up a kingdom.
    A web-based game with planets, fleets, technology, alliances, cash resources, and spies. NOTE: account creation is limited unless a contribution is made.
    Imperial Conflict 
    Rule the galaxy in this space empire game. Features a map, chat, and market.
    Manage your planet and guard your border. The goal is to take over as many other planets as possible.
    Into the Heavens Space Exploration 
    Turn-based space exploration game. Sign up for beta testing now.
    Gigantic Games present, the online multiplayer combat game IronSquad.
    Multi-player world simulation. User input to the sim is summarized every day for another simulated year.
    Medieval Warlords 
    A wargame, where players rule historical kingdoms, leading their armies of armored warriors. To stay on your throne, you will need to use well-planned tactics, clever scheming, and ruthless determination.
    Merchant Empires 
    A web based sci-fi RPG. Turn-based strategy game of space exploration and economic competition. Loosely based on both Trade Wars and Space Merchant.
    Metal Knights 
    Build, conquer and rule empires online. Play against up to 10 players in the same game in this intense turn-based strategy game.
    Players play as a monster. There are six monsters available. Monsters fight each others or form clans to fight other clans.
    Mutant Battles 
    Your object here is to create a team of up to four mutants, and then fight with the other teams to gain experience and money. The goal is to be top mutant group and stay there.
    Turn-based Java game of warfare, magic, diplomacy or covert attacks with 6 races.
    Naval Domination! 
    Free online turn-based naval combat game.
    This is a massively multi-player game set in the 33rd century. It takes place on a far away planet, Neveron. You become one of many battling for control.
    Nova gaming system 
    An open-source massively multi-player online space empire building game inspired by the popular BBS game of Ultimate Universe.
    Play against other players by building armies, fight each other, join clans, and do research.
    Expand, build, train military units, trade in the world market, hack, spy or invade your enemies.
    Compete against others to become the universal ruler. Lots of different options and game types.
    Take care of your own panda. The goal is to be the strongest, richest, and best. If you don't plan ahead, you will come to ruin.
    Parallel Universe 
    Fantasy online game which blends strategy with a large does of hacking and slashing, treasure, power, building your character, ruling provinces and eventually commanding your entire guild.
    Paranormal Deathmatch 
    Online battle game where your character fights other people's characters to see who is best. 
    Turn based game where you are a ruthless pimp on a quest for power.
    Planets of Treha 
    Multi-player game where you have to save your own resources and steal those of the others.
    Manage your empire while battling opponents for land and resources. Play as a human, dwarf, elf, troll, gnome or gremlin in the past, present or future.
    Turn-based game in which players control empire, from the military.
    Quest for Yap 
    Quest for Yap is a free, space-strategy webgame of trading, commerce, diplomacy, violence and warfare. It includes a quest for the near-mythical Planet Yap.
    Qyrann Online 
    A strategic fantasy web game with role-playing elements. Build up an online empire, and defend it against thousands of players. Beta testing starts in summer of 2002.
    A multi-player science fiction war game in a post-apocalyptic future.
    Online space trading game. Offers news and hall of fame. 
    How Rich Can You Be? Online multi-player business strategy game.
    Flash game offers strategy and action and lets you compete against other online players. Take control of a robot, slugging it out for survival and trying to catch all the computer chips scattered over the game board.
    As a galactic commander, its your duty to organize attacks, or defense, by communicating with all the players in your solar system.
    Every player gets to be a gladiator and fight against other gladiators in arenas, duels and tournaments. Alliance is very important and enemies should be spotted as soon as possible.
    A futuristic, online economic market simulator. Start an account, build a company, and trade your way to financial freedom aboard the satellite Roushi-1. 
    Free site offering several strategy games including BlackNova Traders and Promisance.
    Turn-based game where you can challenge the existing players for the top spot.
    Build a global network of businesses in an attempt to establish as much control and power as you can. Note: over 18 sign up for beta testing.
    Shadowmere - Free Online Strategy Game 
    Build armies, learn spells of destruction, and engage in acts of diplomacy.
    Multiplayer tactical space game. Navigate in deep space, land on planets, and shoot at other ships.
    Space - Glory Through Conquest 
    Expand dominance of your empire by colonizing and conquering star systems, researching technologies, and having your industry generate credits, ore and production.
    Space Empires 
    Simple real-time game for those that don't like to get real deep into micro management.
    Space Pirate 
    Intergalatic wargame played online.
    Space Regents 
    A complex, turn-based online space strategy game. Note: Players will be emailed when Beta testing starts.
    Turn based strategy game where players command races, build fleets, attack other players, conquer planets, and research technologies. Includes game information, screen shots, manual, FAQ, sign up, and forum.
    Compete with thousands of other players to build, operate, and maintain the biggest crime network in the solar system.
    Space strategy simulation where each player is the ruler of a planet who can build fleets with spaceships. Offers message board, online play, and manual.
    Spatial Disruption 
    Web-based strategy warfare.
    A free turn-based combat game set some time in the near future that sees six military factions vying for global domination. You must choose your allegiance wisely as you fight to control the most land in the name of your leader.
    Star Fury 
    Be number one in the universe by increasing the size and power of your empire.
    Star Kingdoms 
    A free online interactive game where you can manage a kingdom in an online universe right through your browser.
    Star Masters 
    Galactic exploration and conquest where you take on the role of leader of a civilization and decide how to allocate your resources to best meet your goals.
    Starbase Command 
    Interact with your own space station and those of other players. The object is to dominate each sector in every solar system with galactic points from your chosen Federation.
    Command a fleet of spacecraft, colonize alien planets, design your ships, build an economy, trade components and compete head-to-head against other players, in this space/strategy game.
    Starpawn political and economic empire building 
    A political and economic strategy game where players assume the roles of world leaders and guide their country to victory.
    Starship Traders 
    Free space trading game. Build your armies and trade with others.
    Taenaria Derivia Zallus Kitara 
    A space trading and combat game featuring advanced features such as a ship upgrading system, custom attack modes, and computer players that wander the universe.
    Control your clan of evolving robots as you struggle for control of the bio-mass fields.
    Teeming Void 
    Free and simple game of space exploration and conquest.
    Turn-based, modern war game. Gather resources, research technology and build troops. Play as a team with others or as an individual.
    Territories 3069: Star Siege 
    A graphical, turn-based game that plays right inside of your browser.
    The Campaign Trail 
    A turn-based political strategy game. Seven players contest for a fictional third-party's presidential nomination.
    The Carnage Blender 
    All combat, all the time. Fast-paced game of roleplaying combat and strategy, much like Diablo or Angband.
    The Conquest 
    Travel through time to a medieval world, where the fate of a whole country depends on your decisions. Test yourself. What kind of leader would you be? How would your country become the strongest? By war or by diplomacy?
    Total Conquest PBM 
    A strategic-level fantasy PBM (Play by Mail) campaign game. NOTICE: May not be compatible with all browsers. Requires Javascript enabled to view homepage.
    Troop Wars 
    Risk style clone with a twist. You begin on a 80 sector gameboard with 5 other players. You gain armies each hour based on total sectors controlled. Your goal is to eliminate all other players.
    Turn-based strategy game of interstellar conquest. 
    A non-graphic game in which players compete for high score. They earn points by building units and buildings.
    Ultimatum - The Race for Supremacy in Europe 
    You are the head of a European nation. Using diplomacy, economic planning and military power, you compete against other players, through e-mail, for supremacy on the continent.
    Virtual Space 
    Free game set in the near future when orbiting colonies become common place.
    War Games 
    A massive multi-player war game online against other players. NOTE: Requires IE4 and javascript to play.
    War II 
    Turn-based game set around WWII. Take control of the research, economy, diplomacy and military actions of your territory and change history.
    War of Conquest 
    Free massively multi-player online strategy game with cash prizes.
    Build fleets and destroy other players worlds. IE6 only.
    Multi-player graphical browser based strategic war game.
    Graphical, web-based game where any number of challengers wage war to acquire the top spot and maximum points at the end of each game.
    Warzone Game 
    Command your own Army and take over the virtual world in this free multi-player game.
    Web Space Alliance 
    Multiplayer turn-based space game playable over the internet. You will have to survive in a galaxy with more than 300 players, success or failure depending on how well you know how to manage your resources and on how skilled you are as a diplomat.
    World of War 
    An interactive web game where the goal is to conquer the world.
    World of Warez 
    Turn-based game where you make friends, download or buy warez with added twists. Attack, defend, and manage spies.
    World War 3 - The Patriots 
    Real-time game where you battle against other players and conquer 200 world countries using realistic weapons. Play is limited to 50 players.
    Worlds of War 
    You are placed in a world with up to 25 other countries that you will work together with to try and become the most powerful player.
    Xenocide 3001 
    Battle for dominance against thousands of other players in real-time. Manage groups and planet resources. Note: Set broswer to show images and accept javascript and pop-ups.
    [SS] Star Strike 
    This is a free multi-player space strategy game. It uses the advantages of both real time strategy and turn based strategy to create an even and fun environment.