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Actual Chessware 
Free software for playing chess -freeware, shareware & demos- and chess resources.
Chess Clock Software. 
Marco software presents Take-Turns with Chess Clock. The Take Turns part helps kids share the PC. The Chess Clock speeds up chess games.
Chess Graphics 
A site devoted to all aspects of chess graphics. Photographs, cartoons, ray tracing, paintings, drawings and much else.
Chess Puzzle Games 
Chess tutorial games and training simulators for kids. Free software downloads.
Chess World 
Chess programs and utilities, including a rating calculator, a PGN viewer, and a program for online play.
Chess, Computers and Stuff 
Online games, including the "Great Moments of Computer Chess"; software cover art gallery.
Chessbase European Site. ChessBase is a multi-featured chess database program.
Multiplayer chess game that is playable over the internet or a LAN. Can be played on Mac OS 8 - 9, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems. 
An advanced 3D chess program for Windows.
Computer Chess 
PGN files of tournaments, test suites, and links to chess programs.
How to Beat Chess Computers 
Chess - Advice and tips on how to beat Chess Computers
The ICCA was founded by computer chess programmers in 1977 to organise championship events for computer programs and facilitate sharing of technical knowledge via the ICGA Journal (formerly the ICCA Journal).
Interchess email chess 
Play chess via email. Seemlessly integrates with your email client to send and receive your moves as emails. Fully validated chess board, graphical interface, very customisable.
ChessPartner 4.0 a strong Chessgame for W95/98/NT. Features: 3d pieces, database, PGN support, internet play, print diagrams, create books, copy and paste games, analyse games, speaks, shows opening name, score histogram.
A multi-featured graphical chess game viewer. It understands PGN and other game formats. It is an applet which can easily be integrated on web pages.
Marcel's Simple Chess Program. Source code download only. Released under the GNU GPL free software license. Run's with XBoard.
Official Wacky Chess Homepage 
Why Wacky Chess? Who's seen a board of blue and green squares that keeps score?
Omid's Computer Chess 
Home of the Genesis chess engine and latest computer chess research by Omid David.
Play It Again Chess 
Free download of Casablanca Chess, the toughest electronic chess game on the WWW.
Rémi Coulom's Home Page 
Free chess software: a pgn->epd file converter, auto232<->winboard adapters, and The Crazy Bishop, a chess-playing program.
Tasc ChessSystem 
Commercial site offering programs, databases, openings, and a tutorial.
Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program 
Open source chess program, with comments, for Windows and Macintosh systems.
Turbo Prolog Chess 
A simple chess program, written in Turbo Prolog. Executable and source code available.