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Ability Office 2000 
Low cost, full featured (Write, Spreadsheet, Database, Photopaint), very good photo-editor. Evaluation download. Modules available separately. DOS, Windows, Linux port underway.
Andrew User Interface System 
Free, medium featured (word processor; HTML, program and drawing editors; directory and help browsers; spreadsheet; mail/bulletin-board manager; application builder; scripting language), Unix. Open source.
Axene, Inc. 
Free, medium featured (XAllWrite, XQuad, Xclamation, XMayday), Linux, Unix; English, French, German, Spanish. Trial downloads.
e-press corp.: EasyOffice 2001 
Free and low cost, medium featured (EasyWord, EasySpreadsheet, EasyPresentation, Easy Contact Manager, Easy Web Page Creator, Easy Bookkeeper, Easy Speaker (voice recognition), Easy Bar Coder, Easy Help), MS Office compatible; Windows; English, (Pend
Gobe Software, Inc. 
Productivity suite for Windows with word processing, graphics, image processing, spreadsheets, charting, presentation and page layout.
IBM: Lotus: SmartSuite 
Low cost, full featured (WordPro, 1-2-3, Approach, FastSite, Freelance, Organizer, SmartCenter, ScreenCam), mature, MS Office compatible, Windows, OS/2 Warp, free evaluation. One of first suites to be Web-oriented.
Seacrest Business Systems, Inc. 
Provides Office software for the IBM AS/400.
Siag Office 
Free, medium featured (PW, Siag, Egon, XedPlus, Gvu, Xfiler), Unix. Has sense of humor: word processor's name is Pathetic Writer.
SimDesk Technologies, Inc. 
STI offers a suite of office productivity tools accessed through the Internet. SimDesk contains software applications for word processing, data management, spreadsheets, personal scheduling, data communications, e-mail, and other business-to-business
Softease Ltd 
Word processing, spreadsheet, database and desktop publishing solutions.
Software602: 602Pro PC SUITE 
Free, compact, medium featured (602Text, 602Tab, 602Photo), MS Office compatible. One of first free suites. Add-ons: Spelling, Thesaurus, Photo Albums, organize documents/images with 602Desk, print Bar Codes, and export documents/images to PDF/JPEG/X
STB Office System: Virtual Office 
Software for office and 'virtual office' management; services include: accounting, inventory, customer relationship/account management (CRM), project management, time registration, document control.
Free, small, medium featured (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, address book, e-mail client, file manager), use online or offline: promoted as usable from any computer with a web browser. MS Office compatible. Windows, UNIX/Linux.
VistaSource: Applixware 
Low cost, full featured (Words, Spreadsheets, Data, Presents, Graphics, Mail, Builder, Document Filters), MS Office compatible; Windows, Unix/Linux.