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    bCandid, Corp. 
    Offering several products for discussion software: Cyclone News Router, Typhoon News Server, Breeze News Server, and Twister Discussion Server. All products run on a Unix/Linux/Solaris type of operating system. Breeze is free.
    Open source newsfeeding and newsreading software. Runs on most flavours of Unix.
    Usenet NNTP news server for most flavours of Unix, as well as Win9x/NT. Handles full newsfeeds while conserving system resources. Can use Suck feed option. Anti-spam features. Academic licensing also available.
    Hamster Classic 
    Small NNTP server for Windows 95/98/NT. Free beta-software. Mailing list support.
    Hamster Playground 
    Free newsserver and mailserver software for single computers and small family or company networks. Developed from the same source as Hamster Classic. Source available. [Windows]
    How to become a Usenet site 
    Periodic posting about the basic steps involved in configuring a machine to store USENET news.
    INN: The InterNetNews Package 
    Complete Usenet system. De-facto standard for handling news routing, news spool and serving the spool to customers. Free. Available for various versions of Unix from the Internet Software Consortium. How-To's and mailing lists.
    a Usenet system for small sites running any flavor of Unix, with a few tens of readers and only a slow connection to the Internet.
    Based on the original Leafnode package, with a few extensions. Work is underway to re-merge Leafnode+ with the updated version of Leafnode.
    Mib Software NewsrA+e 
    A subscription service to measure how well your newsserver is receiving articles. Benchmark against other servers to determine whether you are receiving and delivering "full feed" Usenet content in the groups you carry.
    MPNews PRO 
    Windows shareware with 30-day trial. Run your own internal newsgroups. Provides optional integrated web interface.
    Netscape Collabra Server 
    Users can create discussion groups, track discussions across multiple groups, and monitor discussions for content. Operates over SSL for security. Handles HTML and other media formats. Offers moderation features. For Unix or Windows NT.
    Direct Read News is software for allowing users to access your NNTP server via a web interface.
    Usenet News cache server for Unix. Distributed under the GNU Public lisence. Reduces required network bandwidth of the news server. Multiplexes between different news servers and allows offline news reading.
    Beta implementation of Usenet news via multicast for Solaris and Linux. Other platforms may be added upon request. Author seeks feedback on the program.
    Personal server utility which allows any news-reader to access several news-servers simultaneously, by merging their content into one single news-server. Linux and Windows versions.
    Pretends to be an NNRP news reading server. Passes NNTP commands to news-servers, takes output and caches and indexes it. Creates a large "virtual" newsfeed, without the bandwidth or drive space normally required. Freely available. Compiles specializes in Usenet server software, feeds and outsourcing. Addressing all news administrator needs.
    The only carrier-class news router for Windows NT. Freely available. Also available from the same authors is the freely available news server program "Tortoise" for Windows NT.
    ServerWatch - News Servers 
    Listing and reviews of news servers. Software downloads.
    A small news system for sites with a slow connection to the Internet that serve, perhaps, a few dozen newsgroups. Also includes a mail-to-news filter. For Unix-type systems.
    Uses client NNTP to download news messages in order to feed them into your local server. Free download, FAQ, sample scripts, planned features. [Linux, Windows NT, source/binary]
    Freely available news spool server for Windows NT, based on the NNTPRelay program from the same authors.