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    Supports identification, variations, baselines, accounting, auditing, and access control. Solaris only. (commercial) (+1 Software Engineeering)
    Transaction-based, client/server via TCP/IP. Server runs on Unix/Linux, NT/2000/XP. Client also runs on Windows 95/98/Me. Supports server- and client-side triggers. (commercial) (AccuRev, Inc)
    Integrated Change, Configuration and Release Management. Windows only. (commercial) (IntaSoft Ltd)
    Arch Revision Control System 
    A distributed SCM system with the ability to work over FTP.
    Comes in Pro and Basic versions (Pro supports repository hierarchy, rollback, event triggers). Distributed system, with a repository for each developer. Unix/Linux, MacOSX on PPC and Windows 98 and up. Traditional commercial license available, als
    "Enterprise Change Management": Family of tools for mainframes to distributed systems to web apps. Formerly eChangeMan; Diamond CM; VCS-UX/3000. Support for various platforms, depending on the tool. (commercial) (SERENA Software Inc)
    Offers configuration management with data management and process control. Also covers version control, build and release management, change control, and problem and activity tracking. (commercial) (Neuma Technology Inc.)
    A file system based source code management and version control system. Unix/Linux, VMS, WinNT. (non-commercial) (CodeME S.A.R.L.)
    Code Co-op 
    Works on a LAN but allows synchronization over email. Distributed, transaction-based, server-less. Windows 95 and up, "Linux version to come". (commercial) (Reliable Software)
    Configuration Management Tools Summary 
    This is part 2 of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the Software Configuration Management ( newsgroup. It contains user comments and a list of SCM tools discussed in the newsgroup. (Dave Eaton)
    source/object version management tool for UNIX and Windows platforms. (Commercial - Network Concepts, Inc.)
    shwow!DocStudio is a development tool that allows developers to spec software projects before and during development. It also has full source and version control built in and can be used for just this purpose. Web-based system for Internet Explorer
    Open-Source source version control and project management system, realized in a scalable, TCP/IP based Client/Server architecture.
    (FTP Version Control): a special FTP client designed to provide version control with a standard FTP server.
    GuardIEn by IET 
    a configuration management tool specifically designed for Advantage Gen. Also interfaces to other tools.
    Inobyte's Global Source 
    offers source repository, configuration management, and concurrent version control software that can be operated over the internet or LAN.
    Issues Management and Bug Tracking 
    SpeeDEV is a Process Management tool for Requirements Management, Issues and Bug Tracking, Release Management with Workflow, to automate the process of reporting bugs/issues/change-requests and getting them resolved.
    ITF Tools Suite for Lotus 
    The ITF Tools Suite includes ITF Version control, which enables developers to lock and check in/out Domino application design elements. (commercial) (IT Factory)
    Java Revision Management System 
    An open source, file-based revision management system. This project's aim is to create a lightweight client-server based revision management system.
    A filesystem-based version control system, much like ClearCase. Uses NFS to provide a virtual, versions filesystem. Open Source.
    Librarian from JSSL 
    version control software for all Windows platforms. Source code licenses available. (freeware)
    OpenCM is a configuration managment system designed for high-integrity operation. It supports cryptographic authentication, end-to-end integrity controls, and file-level ACLs. (open-source)
    A client/server configuration management system. The server supports UNIX and Windows NT. The client supports more than 50 platforms via command-line, GUI and Web browser-based interfaces. (commercial) (Perforce Software)
    The Project Revision Control System is a front end to a set of tools that provide a way to deal with sets of files and directories as an entity, preserving coherent versions of the entire set. (GPL) (Josh MacDonald)
    QVCS - Quma Version Control System 
    Low-priced version control system for Windows platforms.
    Revision Control Engine (RCE) 
    Version control API for Windows, Linux, Unix developers. Supports any data format, parallel development, automatic history. Also available is a Java GUI. (Commercial)
    Sablime Configuration Management System 
    Configuration management and version control along with flexible MR tracking to manage changes to software, firmware, hardware, and documentation from origination through maintenance, delivery, and support. (commercial) (Lucent Technologies)
    Source Integrity 
    MKS offers Source Integrity in Enterprise and Standard editions. Cross-platform, multi-tier, web interface available. (commercial) (MKS Inc)
    a source configuration system for Windows. (commercial)
    Key functions of StarTeam include requirements management, change management, defect tracking, file versioning, threaded discussion, and project task management. (commercial) (Starbase)
    Surround SCM by Seapine Software 
    a cross-platform solution with client and server support on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X operating systems.
    Formerly Continuus. Synergy is a family of tools including CM Synergy, which is task-based and supports a distributed repository. Unix/Linux, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. (commercial) (Telelogic AB)
    Synergy CM Resource Site 
    Scripts, links, faq's and forums about the Synergy CM tools.
    TLIB is a simple version control system for DOS, Windows, and OS/2. (commercial) (Burton Systems Software)
    Configuration and change management solution built around "third-generation Change-Set technology". Windows/Unix/Linux.(commercial) (McCabe & Associates)
    a version control system with a graphical release management and full attribute versioning (commercial)
    a multi-platform (Windows, Unix, VMS), web-enabled, process control and configuration managment system.
    Version-control and SCMs for Linux 
    a list of prominent version control solutions for Linux with details of their pros and cons.
    Vesta is a version control+build system that was created by the DEC Alpha development team. Open Source.