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    Acorn Squeak 
    Artist, biker, motorcycle and code hacker, Tim Rowledge's fine port to Acorn and other StrongARM units, Corel's NetWinder Linux box (with Craig Latta), and Compaq/DEC Itsy micro hand-held linux PDA.
    Advantive Associates Squeak Pages 
    Several downloads and demos: ExternalByteArray, Constraint Framework, Asynchronous Messaging Demonstration, Session Management; ActiveX Example, Andreas' Plugin and ActiveX demo download area; a few links.
    Cetus Links: Squeak 
    Links on objects and components of the object-oriented language Squeak; information on tutorials, mailing lists, books, projects, compilers, interpreters.
    Collaborative Software Laboratory 
    Goal: achieving Alan Kay's long delayed dream of creating collaborative Dynabooks.
    CREATE Squeak Smalltalk Page 
    A Squeak information page at the "Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE)," Dept. of Music, UC Santa Barbara.
    Smalltalk code analysis/output framework for Squeak. Analyze code and output results in varied formats.
    Embedded Squeak, and speech synthesizer 
    From Kurtz-Fernhout Software: version 1.0 for Squeak 2.2, by Paul Fernhout. ZIP file has standalone EXE file to run Squeak in Win95 text-only console, and all source code (VC++ 5.0, Squeak 2.2) to produce it. Uses Squeak license.
    ESUG Summer School 
    by Ian Piumarta. Lessons on Squeak and Jitter. Postscript format slide presentation.
    ESUG: European Smalltalk User Group 
    Holder of famous Smalltalk Summer Schools.
    FTP site: Germany, U of Karlsruhe 
    Get the 1 disk Squeak demo, like the famous QNX demo, in /demo directory.
    Genetic Algorithms for Squeak 
    Implements the operation of selection, mutation and crossing-over with visualization features.
    Georgia Tech Squeakers 
    Shiny new, high performance G.T. Squeakers describe their new projects, from multimedia authoring to advanced Swiki types. Vrooommm!
    Goodies and Toys 
    Wide selection of free VisualWorks software ported to Squeak by Satoshi Nishihara. Many were first coded by Atsushi Aoki.
    Goodies by Pope 
    STP's Version12 Goodies Collection: Loads of new tools and system class extensions.
    MailList: Squeak MailArchive 
    Searchable archive of the last 400 days of the main Squeak email list.
    MailList: UIUC Squeak Mail Index 
    See what users and developers write about Squeak.
    MailList: Yahoo! Groups: powertalk 
    eGroups powertalk mail archive: Smalltalk general discussion emphasizing Squeak. Much Italian content.
    New project where we combine Mathematics and Smalltalk. Our goal: explore and promote use of Squeak and Morphic as a major tool in mathematics work.
    Swiki-like system using Morphic objects instead of HTML, pages look the same in any browser, content can contain arbitrary Smalltalk code behind the scenes.
    OOPSLA 1999 trip report 
    Offers links on Java blues, VM workshop, Sqeak, world dominance and Smalltalk X.
    OOPSLA 2000 Trip Report 
    OOPSLA 2000 trip report by Squeaker John Macintosh includes coverage of Camp Smalltalk 3 (CS3).
    Open Croquet 
    Was Tea. Software architecture for deep collaboration between user teams, highly portable, full development and delivery platform, united user and development environment, Squeak extension, bit-identical, on many platforms. [Open Source, Squeak Licen
    Russ' Smalltalk et. al. Page 
    Small page for amateur smalltalker's like me. I have been climbing the smalltalk learning curve for a little while and I will occasionally place smalltalk code on my site. I'll answer any beginner level smalltalk questions put to me or I will find so
    A general-purpose software framework for sound and music composition and production; it is a re-implementation of the Musical Object Development Environment (MODE), the software component of the Interim DynaPiano project. Siren is a collection of abo
    Smalltalk extension for Squeak, introduces the notion of 'interface' in Smalltalk, first developed by Benny Sadeh.
    Hans-Martin Mosner's Squeak resources.
    Squeak Browser 
    Are you patient? You can browse Squeak, now, from most Web browsers. Try Squeak before you download. Preview the latest changes. Seriously slick. Does any other programming language let you do this?
    Squeak Documentation Swiki 
    Pages of information useful to first-time users of Squeak, more so Version 2.2.
    Squeak FAQ: new 
    Swiki-based Squeak FAQ: new as of 1999.08.30.
    Squeak Foundation 
    To assist in the evolution of Squeak into its ultimate expression as an exquisite personal and collaborative computing environment that is open, well supported, and freely available across the great majority of modern platforms and operating systems.
    Squeak News Electronic Magazine 
    The first and the only E-zine about Squeak. Latest info on Squeak with either a monthly free email, or a comprehensive CD-Rom edition that prominent Squeak gurus regularly contribute.
    Squeak Online Book 
    Torsten Bergmann has begun a detailed Squeak Online Book. Already covers many basic topics including Morphic, and scripting.
    Squeak Shares Soar! 
    A handful of Squeak goodies and links by Helge Horch. 
    Free, open source, open research, super portable, new Smalltalk-80-based language, written in itself, by Smalltalk's inventors, the (nomadic) original Xerox PARC, Alan Kay team, now founding the Viewpoints Research Institute. Runs on 22+ platforms, h
    Squeak: The Great Return 
    Train kept a rollin', Novice kept a Squeakin'. Cool Japanese site, y'all; by Satoshi Nishihara. Free goodies, and the fascinating "Squeak Scale: Let it grow: brief comparison of class library".
    The most official Squeak documentation, as official as it gets. Password controlled Swiki.
    Information for Smalltalk novices on how to get up to speed in Smalltalk. Mostly a collection of prized mailing list notes and some small hacks.
    Here the mouse roar; Squeak goes turbo! More than any website so far, this one implements the largest piece of the original Xerox PARC Learning Research Group's vision for programming and education. Free downloads: run Squeak from within your web bro
    Project for Squeak No OS, to work with no other OS under Squeak, and implement all functionality in Smalltalk. Descriptions, downloads, news, mail list, CVS. [SourceForge, Open Source]
    Squeak No OS: project to get rid of OS under Squeak, and implement all needed functionality in Smalltalk; to create a Squeak OS. Descriptions, downloads, discussion, links. [mathMorphs Swiki, Open Source]
    Swiki about Squeak 
    Squeak Wiki 2. Mark Guzdial's Squeak Wiki Server, written in Squeak; at Georgia Tech.
    Swiki Swiki 
    Swiki about Swikis: A place to write on Swikis as technology, place, tool. Here we test structures to use in other Swikis, discuss Swikis and its underlying Pluggable WebServer (PWS) and about what to do with them. We have a PWS Admin Utility, first
    Ted Kaehler Pages 
    One of Smalltalk's original co-creators, and Squeak Central member, speaks out. A warm, friendly page. Diverse topics: from Smalltalk philosophy, to alternative schooling, to nanotechnology.
    The Swiki SWIKI Front Page 
    This is a place to talk about Swiki. Consider this a sandbox to play around with the ideas. You'll find people testing structures here that they use in other Swikis, discussing Swikis, and thinking about what to do with these things.add things here.
    UCSB CREATE Squeak Smalltalk Page 
    University of California Santa Barbara, Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology. Potent music tools for Smalltalk. Original mail list archive.
    Viewpoints Research Institute 
    Nonprofit organization dedicated to improving general education and understanding of complex systems, more so by using new inventions in interactive constructive computing, directed by some of the greatest minds in computer science.
    Whisker: The O-O Stacking Browser 
    New object-oriented code browser for Squeak Smalltalk environment: gives simple, intuitive way to view contents of multiple classes/methods at once, uses screen space efficiently, needs little window moving/resizing, via introducing concept of subpan
    Who's Who 
    Fast growing (over 160) list of Squeak's community.
    Yahoo Groups: Squeak 
    Mail archive and discussion group.
    Zaurus PDA Squeak 
    Yoshiki Ohshima's got Squeak running on Sharp's Zaurus! He researches computer languages at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, Sassa Laboratory.