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AirZip Acceleration Engine 
Real time image compression library which handles a wide range of standard formats.
AlphaMask Graphics Library 
Portable vector graphics library, high end graphics engine for license to desktop applications and embedded systems.
Bar Code DLLs 
Create high quality, device independent, Windows MetaFile graphics. Includes programming examples and free bar code tutorial.
Library of subroutines and functions that display data graphically. Software is available for the programming languages C, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Perl, Python and Java.
Collection of graphics functions that can help you develop professional games and applications.
Free Graphics Libraries, 3D/2D Engines, Animation 
Extensive list of graphics libraries (to create and manipulate graphics), 3d and 2d engines.
G2 Graphical Library 
Portable 2D graphics library. Provides a set of functions for simultaneous generation of graphical output on different types of devices.
Game programming with DirectX 
5 chapters of DirectX tutorial on game programming. Also contains a list of popular graphics libraries.
GD Library 
A graphics library for fast image creation
Glide Open Source Project 
The homepage of the Glide Open Source Project.
Graphics Magician Home 
Learn to write programs with cool graphics, animation, sound effects, and music without understanding all the levels of writing Windows software.
Graphics Toolkit for AMD Élan SC400 Embedded Microcontroller 
AMD ElanSC400 native graphics mode can now easily be implemented in C++ and C programs using this library. Source code included.
Image Enable 
Design imaging applications and image-enable document management systems quickly and effectively with an Eroiica API.
libAfterImage Imaging Library 
Image import, storage, manipulation and output library for X.
A library for high-performance 2D vector and bitmap graphics
little cms (lcms) 
A free, open source, CMM engine. It provides fast transforms between ICC profiles.
High-level, cross-platform C/C++ graphics and windowing library built on a fast x86 assembler graphics kernel. [Open Source, LGPL]
This library provides cross platform low level graphics access.
RedDragon 2D Graphics Library 
2D Graphics programming library written in VC++ including downloads and game development.
A font library for use with SDL which uses variable width bitmap fonts.
A toolkit for the development of games, demos or other graphic related programs with Visual Basic.
A free graphics library still in development.
allows programmers to write graphics programs transparently run on Unix (X, DGA, GGI) or Windows (DirectX), as fast as possible, while providing a very simple C++ interface.
Windows Programming 
Comparison of Nugraf Developer's 3D Toolkit and Open GL. Publisthed in ACM Crossroads Magazine.