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A Primer on How to Work with the Usenet Community 
Provides a list of things to remember when posting to Usenet groups.
How Not to Look Like an Idiot on Usenet 
A list of 16 rules for basic Usenet postings is provided.
Provides a brief overview of numerous important practices for those using Usenet.
News Netiquette 
A detailed list of points to remember when posting articles to Usenet newsgroups.
No HTML Posting 
Brief discussion of the rationale for not posting in HTML to newsgroups.
Rules for Posting to Usenet 
Offers an extensive discussion of what, and how, to post to newsgroups.
The Seven Don'ts of Usenet 
Gives a list of behaviours to be avoided when posting to Usenet groups, as well as links to expand on each item.