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* Is Dying : The Unofficial Anthology 
The unauthorized, incomplete, unabridged guide to the "* Is Dying" troll template.
About Ken Pangborn 
Describes long-standing grievances the author has against Mr. Pangborn's behaviors online.
Including FAQ and the Official Alt.Usenet.Kooks Funny Farm.
Beware the Troll 
An internet troll is someone who fishes for people's confidence and, once found, exploits it. This essay explores the psychology of trolls and how to deal with them.
Combating Professional Forum Spamming 
An in-depth discussion on the growing trend of professional forum spamming and how to combat it.
FAQ: The Newsgroup Care Cancel Cookbook 
How to cancel spam and other cancelables off individual newsgroups using the simplest of means.
How To Handle a Troll and Beat Them At Their Own Game 
Tips to not only get rid of them, but to join you on the light side. 
Who Tim Skirvin and his daemons have sent to the Killfile Dungeon, and why, plus The Kook of the Month Awards Gallery.
"Meowing" is becoming a generic net.term for posts with no substance. News, editorials, special features, meower sightings, polls, letters to the editor, and archives of past issues.
Offensive intruder poisons chat lines 
A troller calling himself "Bertie the Bunyip" has upset local Usenet newsgroups after a bizarre campaign that has included posting fake photographs of a topless Queen Mother. [New Zealand Herald]
Rev. Steve Winter 
Documentation of alleged computer crimes, stalking and harassment according to Steve Winter.
The Bincancel FAQ 
Explains why one should not post huge binaries to non-binary newsgroups.
The NoCeM Registry 
Information on NoCeM issuers, with PGP keyring and NoCeM permission file for use with NoCeM-On-Spool software
The Steve Winter FAQ by Steve Adams 
Things you may need to know if you have dealings with Steve Winter.