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    3D Immersion 
    OpenGL 3D game and graphics programming. Examples and demo source code can be downloaded.
    5Monkeys Studio 
    Website development products and services. Includes updates on pc software industry news.
    Anuj Executive Seminars 
    Presents seminars on emerging technologies.
    Asp Visual Basic Csharp Training .NET 
    Offers Microsoft.NET Framework, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET, XML, .NET Server, and ADO.NET training courses via multimedia CD-ROM and video.
    Binary Converter 
    Binary, Decimal And Hex Converter. Plus links to other sites.
    Brunning Software 
    Catalogue of books, kits, programmer modules, and software teaching assembly language programming and C and C++ programming for the PC, and PIC programming and interfacing. 
    Cross-platform software development information and resources. Includes Mike's Cross-Platform Development Notes, an educational series for programmers.
    C++ Training 
    Software training and programming classes for C++, Java, and object oriented analysis and design.
    Instructor led courses on MCSE, CNE, A+ training. Located in Little Rock, AR.
    A development community forum for questions and answers, hints and tips, tutorials and code examples.
    Corporate IT Training 
    Programs on OOAD, UML, Design Patterns, Java, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle, and SQL Server.
    Courses for Computer Programmers and Their Managers 
    Hands-on instructor led training for XML, Java, C++ and C programmers
    Deitel & Associates, Inc. 
    Text books and training courses in Java, C, C++, Internet and other programming technologies. 
    Elementary computer programming resource. Features free programming tools that run in your browser.
    Web development discussion forums, resources, distance learning and consulting services.
    Training and education for developers building distributed systems.
    DevPro.Com - Where Infinity meets Reality. 
    If you wanted a software development site that gave you something more than just code, click on over to DevPro.Com. As for the code there's over 6 MB of it!
    Courses in Java, EJB, DCOM, XML, C++ and OOAD.
    Eduardo Rocha Costa 
    Personal site of Eduardo Rocha Costa. Contains programming languages tips and Java links.
    Programming resources on C, C++, Java, Scripting Languages, Unix/Linux, GNU Tools, Open Source, and the Internet.
    GAR Technologies 
    Hands on, instructor led training programs for Java, Visual Basic, ASP, Web Developer and Oracle DBA.
    Have OOPL, Will Travel 
    Teacher and author in the field of Object-Oriented Programming Languages (OOPL) since 1989.
    Homepage of Heine Broers 
    Links to programming, hobbies and interests.
    HTML JavaScript and CGI Assistance 
    Free assistance and help on HTML coding, JavaScript and CGI with many examples and explanations.
    Intertech Inc. 
    A site dedicated to Java and Microsoft hands-on developer training.
    Jarred's Web Page 
    Tutorials and discussions of issues related to Linux, UNIX, programming in C, C++, Perl, Java, and other languages, as well as guides to using make, gcc, gdb, and emacs.
    Knowledge Hound 
    How-to guides for ASP, Java, JavaScript, PERL, Q-Basic, SGML, C, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, CGI, VRML, Object REXX, DHTML, HTML and databases.
    Learn Cplusplus 
    A C++ tutorial for beginning programmers. Requires Microsoft Word.
    Free programming education courses accessible online: anywhere, anytime, by live, expert instructors; from the makers of CodeWarrior.
    Mind Charger Technologies Homepage 
    Programming courses in Java, C++ and Visual Basic. Courses can be customized to meet your individual needs and delivered at our new, state of the art Toronto training center or right at your office.
    Tips, tricks and tutorials on various languages and software.
    Oracle Certified Training and Programming Courses 
    Software training and programming classes for the Oracle Relational Database using SQL, PL/SQL, Forms, Pro*C, and Java.
    programming C++ VB 
    Includes solutions to Deitel and Deitel's book C++ How to Programme 3/e and Bruce Eckel's book Thinking in C++ 2nd edition. Also includes some Visual Basic programs for downloading.
    Computer programming tips, tricks, hints and Secrets for programmers, by programmers.
    PTR Associates 
    Range of programming courses includes Java, Perl, C, C++, visual basic, and fortran.
    Richardson Publications 
    Web development guides and source code featuring Java, JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaScript, and HTML programming languages.
    Rui's Programming Resource 
    Pascal, Javasript, Fortran and Assembly examples and links for beginners. Also includes some free programs.
    Programming solutions and networking information.
    Steve's World 
    Free programming tools and Linux information.
    TechAquis Inc 
    Provider of information technology expertise. Offers courses in software and programming disciplines.
    A beginner's resource for C++, Perl and Java information, source code and tutorials.
    Technology Without Borders 
    A site committed to the development of young people.
    The Computer Science Lab 
    A low-cost self-study course in computer programming.
    Third Millennium, LLP 
    C#, XML, Java, Perl, VB, training and courseware.
    visual basic swap site 
    Allows visual basic teachers to make exchanges of lesson plans for programming projects.
    Visual Software Teacher 
    Delphi,API,MFC,.NET BASIC,Visual C# course notes.
    Programming assignments completed quickly by an expert programmer for a fee.