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    A Gentle Introduction to SGML 
    An SGML FAQ in the context of the TEI e-text initiative and SGML application.
    Comparison of SGML and XML 
    A Note from the W3C detailing the differences and similarities between the two markup languages.
    GCA Registry of Owner Identifiers 
    Small database of globally registered SGML public identifiers.
    Graphic Communications Association 
    Supports and promotes SGML and related technologies in their efforts in advancing interoperability of information systems.
    Overview of SGML Resources 
    SGML links at the W3C, meant for use in reviews of the HTML specification.
    SGML for NT 
    A brief tutorial how to set up a free SGML editing and publishing system for Windows NT. Encourages use of free software options.
    SGML on the Web 
    Circa 1995 list of SGML web sites, and resources for using SGML on the Web.
    A free, object-oriented toolkit for SGML parsing, validating, and entity management.
    The SGML/XML Web Page 
    Database containing over 2000 documents pertaining to SGML, XML, and related standards. Features an exhaustive bibliography for SGML, vendors and service providers, software reviews, mailing lists, user groups, projects, etc.
    Women Writers Project, ACM Crossroads Winter 1999 
    This article from Crossroads Winter 1999 issue describes the use of SGML to encode literature archives for research, written by B. Fan.