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Artificial Intelligence, Brain Research, and Neural Networks bring Immortality to the uploaded human mind (Open Source Project).
Bibliographies on Neural Networks 
Part of the collection of computer science bibliographies.
Boosting Research Site 
Scientific homepage on boosting and ensemble learning methods.
Moderated mailing list for discussion of technical issues and dissemination of information pertaining to neural computations. Membership is restricted to students and faculty members.
Creativity Machine Paradigm 
Device for the autonomous generation of useful information. A chaotically perturbed net produces novel concepts derived from its training while a second net isolates any concepts of potential value.
David E. Rumelhart Prize 
An annual award for contributions to the formal analysis of human cognition.
Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms 
An online resource for face recognition researchers that provides a standard set of well known algorithms and experimental protocols with which novel algorithms can be compared.
Evolutionary Design of Neural Architectures 
A repository maintained by the Artificial Intelligence Research Group led by Vasant Honavar in the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University.
Gaussian Processes 
A website keeping track of developments in Gaussian processes. Has links to online papers and their authors and software.
Kernel Machines 
A central source of information on kernel based methods, including support vector machines, Gaussian processes.
Maximum Entropy Online Resources 
Workshops, tutorials, papers and software related to maximum entropy.
Neural Network Applications 
Applications of neural networks for feature selection, dimension reduction and data mining.
Neural Network FAQ 
This FAQ from contains the most commonly asked questions about neural networks, including some great introductory material.
Neural Network Resources 
Extensive collection of Neural Network resources. 
Non-commercial site for information related to trading the financial markets using neural networks. Includes message bases, links and database of trading indicators, systems, and scans.
A hub for the neuroinformatics community, with information on workshops and courses. Also hosts the comp-neuro mailing list. 
Devoted to the research and development of trading systems for financial markets using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms.
Principal Curves Page 
Introduction to principal curves, with summary of and links to publications, demo, and software.
Reinforcement Learning Repository 
A centralized resource for researchers of reinforcement learning. Maintained at Michigan State University.
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods 
Website dedicated to sequential data analysis and tracking using particle filters.
Sumeet's neural networks listing 
Includes related fields like genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, adaptive computing and complex systems and descriptions of each site.