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    Amit's Thoughts on Path-Finding 
    Online paper about path-finding, including the A* algorithm and a greedy algorithm. Implementation notes, precalculation, map representations, heuristics, applications.
    ASCII Robot Soccer 
    Unix soccer-like testbed. Source code (C++ with curses and termcap), executable, and screenshots.
    Checkers program written by Jonathan Schaeffer et al.; play online. Publications, endgame database statistics, game records.
    Command Forces Simulation (CFOR) 
    Battlefield command and control testbed and knowledge base. Publications, source code, documentation.
    Complex Games Lab 
    Research in Bridge, Shogi, Go, and soccer. Papers, bibliographies, researchers, links. Part of the Electrotechnical Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan.
    Game AI 
    Publications, predictions, source code, and quotes having to do with AI and artificial life in games; mostly commercial video games, some board and card games.
    GIB Research 
    Bridge program written by Matthew Ginsberg. Results, publications, library of deals with double-dummy tricks for each trump suit.
    Hannibal and Brutus 
    Othello programs written by Louis Geoffroy and Martin Piotte. Descriptions, results.
    Othello program written by Michael Buro. Publications, game records.
    Machine Learning in Games 
    Review of research and implementations in Backgammon, Othello, soccer, and other games.
    RoboCup: The Robot World Cup 
    Aims to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world soccer champion team.
    Unix, Macintosh, and Windows strategy-game testbed. Game rules can be modified with Game Design Language (GDL).