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Center for Spoken Language Understanding 
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology has created a public resource for experimenters. You can download some trial software for fooling around with speech recognizers. This stuff is not in the category of off-the-shelf consumer items fr
comp.speech WWW site 
Provides a range of information on speech technology, including speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech coding, and related material. Pages look a little old (1997) but a very wide range of FAQ here. Algorithm for building simple recognizers.
Dictation Without Wires or Monitor 
Graduate student thesis which may give ideas for difficult environments. Mostly in German, but there is also an English page (click flag). Approach develops a little bit of intelligence between speech recognition and text to speech engine.
Museum of Speech Analysis and Synthesis 
Pictures of early voice synthesizors hosted by UCSC - site seems always under construction.
Speech Analysis 
A detailed paper describing some of the technology of speech recognition.
Speech Informatics Group 
Main research directions are speech recognition/understanding, methodology of speech dialogue systems, applied systems, hidden Markov algorithms.
Speech Language Processing Professional Society 
This site acts as a coordinating place for meetings and keeps large database about research in the field. Professional name - COCOSDA.
SPIRIT Speech Technologies 
Has advanced software algorithms for speech compression, enhancement, recognition and speaker identification (i.e., voice recognition).
Torch Library 
A library in C++ for developing Open Source speech and machine learning applications. The code is under the Gnu Public License.
VOICEBOX: Speech Processing Toolbox for MATLAB 
A voice processing toolbox for Matlab, very useful for prototyping algorithms and has routines to do most of the basic useful tasks in speech.