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Applied Management Sciences Institute 
Management "think-tank" that conducts research, publishes books and articles, and provides training on all aspects of organizational management.
Australian Institute of Management 
Offers Professional and Organisational Development for corporations or business.
Basic Management 
Basic management skills for new managers or those moving into the field
British Columbia Institute 
Serves as a liaison between the members and the National office.
Business Studies at Long Road Sixth Form College 
High quality vocational A level Business materials available for free download.
Canadian Institute of Management 
Create and support a CIM designation that will be both nationally recognized and a requirement to work in management in Canada.
Center for Business Innovation 
A Cap Gemini Ernst and Young reseach project for business executives to participate in research, share ideas, and frame solutions to problems in their own organizations.
Complex Society, UK 
A focal point for people in the UK interested in complex systems and complexity science, especially as applied to managing organisations.
an international Internet guide to crisis management, crisis communications, issues management, risk management and disaster management.
Decision Science Center 
Partners with companies to consult in the areas of optimal business decisions across industries.
Offers to academics, lecturers, business operators and students, a space for the pulications of ideas, proposals, models, instruments and programmes.
Infography about Management Science -- Mathematical Models 
Sources recommended by a professor who specializes in the study of the mathematical models of management science.
Institute of Management 
Reference information site with essays, notes and articles.
Interact: Understanding and Management of Complexity 
A methodology for social systems design, and the understanding of complex problems ('messes'), whether in business organizations, society or government.
Management Masters Series 
Survey of leading graduate schools that identifies management concepts and their application in the new economy. 
Business Transformation which promotes a motivated, innovative workforce through transformation of management.
New Economy Enterprise Best Management Practice 
Facilitates the knowledge exchange, and further development of SEM best practice. 
resources and tools needed by business owners and managers.
Theory of Constraints Resource Center 
This site is designed for the aerospace industry TOC practitioner, as well as those in the industry just exploring the methodology.