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    Adventures in Television 
    Obscure and hard-to-find, mainly American TV themes in a variety of formats. 
    Short selection of American TV Themes.
    A large and growing collection of mostly U.S. television themes.
    Classic Television Theme Songs and Images 
    Large collection of themes in WAV format with their accompanying show logos.
    Classic Themes 
    Title, composer and publisher information for thousands of classic American TV themes, old-time radio themes and 1950's light music compositions.
    Cowboystars of TV 
    A collection of theme songs from 1950-60's TV and an interactive triva quiz.
    Cult Television: The Alternative Guide to Classic Television 
    Although more of a directory of cult television programmes, the site does feature a very useful 'Theme Tune Search Engine'.
    Classic TV, Theme songs, airing dates, and cast info Plus tons of info, on tons of shows.
    JPS TV Themes, The 
    A collection of mainly UK TV theme tunes in WAV format with full descriptions.
    JV's TV Themes 
    A collection of themes from cartoon and childrens TV programmes.
    Matt's TV Theme Songs 
    Lots of theme songs in both WAV and Midi format.
    Large online collection of theme tunes with request forums. Internet Explorer only.
    Midi Database 
    Collection of TV Themes in midi format.
    Necro's TV Themes 
    Mainly British themes from yesteryear in a variety of formats.
    Network News Music 
    Nicely put together site with Real Audio themes to US network newscasts and news magazines. It also features information on each.
    Cult and classic television, childrens cartoons, competitions and theme tunes.
    Sci-Fi 2000 
    Contains a few hundred television themes in MP3 and WAV formats. Themes range from sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comedy, drama to action.
    Stormrider's Classic TV Memories 
    A site dedicated to pictures and WAV themes from television shows of the Sixties.
    Television Themes 
    Listen to comic-related live action and cartoon theme songs.
    Televisuals and Theme Tunes 
    Television show logos and cast images, together with original TV theme tunes in WAV format and lyrics for each song.
    The '80s TV Theme SuperSite 
    A selection of classic American TV theme tunes, organised by genre.
    Themes Online 
    TV themes in RealAudio format with commercials, jingles and promos. Includes a mystery theme and a feature theme of the month. Mainly US oriented.
    Triplets R Us: 80's TV and Movies 
    Comprehensive and fun site that includes several TV themes from the 1980's (in both WAV and MIDI format), along with network schedules, sound clips and games.
    TV and Movie Theme Archive 
    Features TV themes and a selection of movie themes. Includes a theme song search engine. Special archives dedicated to James Bond and Dr Who.
    TV Cream 
    Classic UK, US, Australian and European television shows from the 1960s to the 1980s with a large selection of themes to download.
    TV Land 
    This site contains TV Themes for both Windows and Mac. The site only contains american themes.
    TV Theme Songs Directory 
    Features TV theme songs, lyrics, advertising jingles, information about composers and games.
    TV Theme World 
    Classic cartoon and television themes in high quality MP3 format.
    TV Tunes Online 
    Classic TV and cartoon WAV files to download from the 50's thru the 80's.
    TVs Greatest Hits 
    Classic and current TV themes in high quality MIDI format.