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Photographs of sunsets, landscapes, and birds accompanied by poetry.
Fink, David 
Photography mixed with poetry. Mainly shows photographs of barns, other buildings, and a collection of round objects.
Lillethorup, Jens 
Small collection of personal poetry with illustrative photographs.
Lovingood, Adam 
Urban black and white photography and creative writing.
Noel, Sandro 
Amateur photographer and writer offers photograps from a trip to Canada, people, landscapes and flowers, as well as some of his writings.
Schwartz, Robyn 
Castles, ruins and things of historical interest. Also, a collection of personal poetry.
Souther, Joseph 
Galleries and writings of ghost towns and abandoned homesteads all around the state of Kansas.
Van Osnabrugge, Wim 
A combination of poetry, and black and white images of a model, titled 'The Last Day'.
Weis, Alison 
Many kinds of photography, including portraits, nature, urban, travel, and architectural. Also offers a substantial collection of poetry.