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Black Storytellers Alliance 
Keeping alive the tradition of the African Griots and storytellers in the U.S.
California Indian Storytelling Association 
Preserving and encouraging the storytelling traditions of the indigenous peoples of California, for elders, for youth, for the community. Site includes news, events, membership information.
Connecticut Storytelling Center 
Annual Festival, schools programs, resources for tellers and listeners in Connecticut.
L.A.'s storytelling connection! Los Angeles, California.
Fireside Story League 
All-volunteer storytelling league in Tacoma and Pierce Counties, Washington. Includes National Story League page.
Guild of Idaho Storytellers (G.I.S.T.) 
Promoting the art of storytelling in the state of Idaho, sponsoring classes and projects. Site has directory of storytellers, a summary of activities, and original stories.
Houston Storytellers Guild 
Promoting the art and craft of storytelling in the Houston, Texas, area through performances and workshops.
Keepers Of The Culture 
Cultural arts organization in Philadelphia, perpetuating the African and African-American oral tradition. Affiliated with the National Association of Black Storytellers.
L.A.N.E.S., League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling 
Storytelling resources, links, and community in the New England and Upstate New York area. Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, Tellabrations, Calendar, etc.
Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild 
Professional and amateur storytellers promoting the art of storytelling in the Allentown/Bethlehem area, Pennsylvania.
Miami Storytellers Guild 
Find out about monthly events. Miami, Florida.
Mid-Missouri Organization of Storytelling 
Non-profit group of storytellers and story lovers based in Columbia, Missouri.
MO-TELL, Missouri Storytelling 
Promoting storytelling in Missouri, USA
National Association of Black Storytellers 
Organization of Black storytellers educating and entertaining through the Oral Tradition, which depicts and documents the African American experience.
National Storytelling Network 
The web page of the National Storytelling Network, with links to its Festival, organization, and resources.
Network of Biblical Storytellers(NOBS) 
Global organization encourages oral, written, and electronic forms of passing on stories from the Bible.
New Zealand Guild of Storytellers/Nga Kaikorero Purakau O Aotearoa Purakau O Aot 
Promoting storytelling and the oral literature of New Zealand. Regional listings of events & storytellers.
Northlands Storytelling Network 
The largest regional storytelling organization in the United States, a community of storytellers and storylisteners throughout the upper Midwest (Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin).
O.O.P.S! - The Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling 
The networking agent and supporting organization for storytelling and storytellers in the State of Ohio. Holds annual Storytelling Conference, regional seminars and publishes a quarterly newsletter.
Pioneer Valley Folklore Society 
Monthly song and story swap, Amherst, Massachusetts.
Queensland Storytelling Guild 
Queensland, Australia: promoting & encouraging storytelling. Includes listing of events, local tellers, contacts for other Australian guilds.
SAAC, the Storytelling Association of Alta California 
SAAC promotes storytelling in California and sponsors the Bay Area Storytelling Festival.
Smoky Mountain Storytellers 
A local organization supporting storytelling and tellers around Knoxville, Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
South Coast Storyteller's Guild 
Celebrating the oral tradition and developing student storytellers in Costa Mesa, California.
South East Louisiana Storytelling Guild 
Workshops, programs, newsletter, and networking for storytellers in Louisiana.
Southern Order of Storytellers 
Atlanta, Georgia, based group of storytellers and listeners bring storytelling and listening back to their traditional place in the human community. Events, resources, and links.
Stories Inc. 
Presenting and promoting the art of storytelling throughout the state of Indiana.
Story Circle of the Capital District 
A group of people who love stories. Find out about our storytelling guild and the storytelling events in the greater Albany, NY, US, area.
Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada 
National organisation of storytellers, preserving, promoting, and advocating for storytelling across Canada.
StoryTellers of the American Frontier 
Program based in Atlanta, Georgia, for at-risk youth that build character through historical and cultural awareness. StoryTellers feature true stories of the African, Mexican and Native Americans who have been left out of the History books.
Storytellers School of Toronto 
Supports creative work in the art of storytelling and the Toronto Storytelling Festival. Toronto, Canada.
Storytellers' Guild of Anchorage 
Find out about storytelling events in Anchorage, Alaska. Open to all.
Storytelling Foundation International 
Promoting the power of storytelling and its creative applications to produce positive change in our society.
Storytelling Guild of Eastern Idaho 
Entertaining, educating, and elevating audiences in, where else?, Eastern Idaho. Newsletter, upcoming events, links.
The Alberta League Encouraging Stories. Events in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Calgary, and Strathcona County; Alberta, Canada
Tapestry of Tales 
Southcentral Pennsylvania storytelling guild. Member Bios, events calendar and e-mail links to professional storytellers. Members available for your event or school program.
Tejas Storytelling Association 
Advocacy group for storytelling in Texas, USA. Presents annual festival and conference.
Tellastory: Dallas Storytelling Guild 
The guild celebrates the art, craft, and traditions of storytelling and works to keep the oral tradition alive through educational and public programs. Our website supports this mission.
The Jonesborough Storytellers Guild 
Professional, semi-professional, part-time or hobbyist tellers of tales with some full-time listeners for balance. Listen to stories on the Web. Events, meetings in Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA.
The North Carolina Storytelling Guild (NCSG) 
Providing storytelling events, continuing education opportunities and advocacy for the art of the oral tradition throughout the state of North Carolina.
The Society for Storytelling 
Homepages for the UK Society for Storytelling, giving contact and membership details, publication and storytelling tapes lists, and society events.
Utah Storytelling Guild 
Nonprofit organization nurturing and fostering the art form of storytelling in Utah.
Vancouver Society of Storytelling 
Promoting the art of storytelling in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Produces the Annual Vancouver Storytelling Festival.
Voices of Illusion Youth Storytelling Site 
The "first full time high school storytelling program in the country," according to the National Storytelling Network of USA. It includes information about the award-winning high school storytelling troupe Voices of Illusion and their nati
Voices Of Illusion: Youth Storytelling 
Kevin Cordi's award-winning high school storytelling troupe (the first in the U.S.) in Hanford, California. Photos, stories, student and teacher resources.
Washington Storyteller's Theatre 
Venue and organization promoting storytelling in the metropolitan Washington DC area
West Virginia Storytelling Guild 
Supporting and promoting storytellers in West Virginia.
Wheel Council 
"Wholistic Health, Education, and Empowerment for Life." Traditional and personal storytelling for children and adults, with the goals of building self-esteem, cultural pride, problem solving skills, and substance abuse prevention. Based in
Wisconsin Storytelling Guilds 
Find a storytelling guild in Wisconsin, courtesy of