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1 Magic Mania 
Selection of magic supplies and magic props. Magic supplies for the professional or the beginner.
3-D Magic Playing Cards 
Suitable gift for magicians, aspiring magicians, poker players, and anyone who just likes easy and fun magic tricks.
5 Finger Magic Inc. 
Lessons for magicians, online tricks, games and kids's area.
A & Z Magic 
Manufacturer of magic tricks in Denmark. Mail order and wholesale.
A2 Productions 
The original magic of Andi Gladwin and Andy Leviss. We offer free downloads of tricks, essays and videos as well as our exclusive product range of close-up magic and mentalism.
Abracadabra Magic 
Recommended supplier of unique magic tricks, coin tricks, card tricks, magic books, and magic videos. Magic for everyone, beginners to professionals.
Abracadabra Promotions Magic 
Magic Trick Shop and listing of magicians available for hire.
Al's Magic Shop 
Provides magic tricks and illusions to performers and hobbyists throughout the world. 
Retailers of magic tricks, videos, DVDs and books. Specializes in card magic, coin magic, illusion, mental magic, children's magic, beginner's magic and sponge magic.
America's Trickmart 
Sells close-up, money, card, and general magic tricks, books, videos, and supplies.
Arjan's Show-Biz Centre 
Worldwide supplier of magic tricks, stage equipment, special effects, and costumes. Fast international service.
Brad Burt's Magic Shop 
Specializing in magic tricks, books, and videos. Discussion board and online catalog, with photos and detailed descriptions.
Charlie's Electronic Magic Store 
Learn sleight-of-hand, levitation, vanishes and transformations. Magic books and videos on the net since 1994. 
Magic, card and coin tricks.
Conjuror Magic Shop 
Offers a selection of effects, books, and videos.
UK based online shop offering card, coin, close-up, fire, and cabaret magic.
Online magic tricks available for purchase including the ultimate card in lemon.
Daytona Magic 
Magic tricks, clown supplies, jokes, gags, make-up, and a complete catalog.
Dick Barry's Catalog of Magic Tricks 
Disount mail-order tricks with an unconditional money-back guarantee.
Dr Bob's Magic Shop 
Magic for close-up, cabaret and stage. Indio, CA, USA.
Dr. Magic Show 
Kids can learn simple magic tricks online, join the magic club and order videos, magic kits and t-shirts.
Offers coin and card tricks, fire magic, videos, and books.
Eagle Magic Store 
Based in Minnesota and offering a large selection of magic tricks, props, and accessories for magicians worldwide.
Eckert Magic Enterprises 
Magic supplies for the professional and practicing magicians.
Eddie Gibson Magic Online 
Manufacturer and supplier of close-up magic effects in the specializing in coin magic.
Eddie's Trick Shop 
Selection of card, coin, rope, closeup and stage magic tricks. Also a line of puzzles and joke novelties.
Supplies custom escapes, restraints, tools, packing crate, milk can, illusions, and escapology books.
Far Out Magic 
A wide variety of free tricks, and a secure online magic store.
Fun Technicians Store 
Online store offering a variety of magic tricks, props and comedy items.
Gandalf's Pet Project 
Online magic shop benefits homeless dogs and cats. Includes free magician's tips for beginners.
George Richbark & Co. 
A line of card-trick props, wands, ball-vases, pill-boxes, caskets, and choppers.
GL Magic 
Online source for magic supplies including a wide variety of effect.
Hank Lee's Magic Factory 
Magic props and supplies for all magicians. 
Magic tricks for beginner magicians, to professionals. Card and coin tricks, stage magic, pranks, and gags.
Harlin Magic 
Contains an online magic shop, original effects, and other magic-related sections.
Harry Lorayne 
Sells personal close-up magic lessons in his books and videos.
Manufactures and distributes some of the world's wackiest gimmicks for magicians, comedians and the film industry.
Humane Restraint 
Sells a gimmicked straitjacket that allows the magician to escape without injury or embarrassment.
I Saw That! Exclusive Magic 
Original close-up and stand-up magic books and tricks with the accent on presentation
Illusion Projects 
Tim Clothier, designer of original illusions for the magic, theatre and television industries. Building plans available to order on-line, plus full design and consultation service.
International Magic 
Supplier of magic props, books, videos for professional magicians.
Jack's Joke Shop 
America's oldest active joke and magic shop.
Jawdroppers Magic Tricks and Card Tricks 
Magic tricks and card tricks on instructional videos. Requires no special training, or props.
JCR Co's World of Magic and Fun 
Magic for beginner to professional. Categories include card magic, coin magic, stage, close-up, mentalism, childrens magic. Also clown, juggling, ventriloquist supplies and gags.
Just Magic Tricks 
Over a dozen amazing magic tricks that anyone can perform. Complete instructions and materials. Order Online.
Klamm Magic 
Secure shopping for nearly 75 Klamm originals from pocket to platform, from beginner to pro.
Kovari's Magic Shop 
All kinds of magic, including stage magic, from the master illusionist.
KT Magic 
Large collection of magic apparatus, books, posters and other conjuring items for all would-be magicians.
Learn Magic 
Magic teacher. Includes services offered, price list and contact information.
Lee Jacobs Productions 
Publisher of magic books, themed magic posters, and souvenir collectibles. Items sought after by performers and collectors, as well as "atmosphere" items for TV, theatre and movies. 
Magic ebooks in HTML or for palm pilots on custom CDs or by email.
Magic and Novelties 
Online shop offers magic tricks, novelties, risque items, and party supplies.
Magic Avenue 
Magic tricks, sets, supplies and books. Accepting order by email or fax.
Magic Geek 
Magic tricks and supplies and a wide variety of juggling equipment.
Magic Goods 
Catering to any and all magicians. Free shipping within the USA.
Magic Legends 
Online magic store. Includes almost every genre of magic tricks. Ordering information, as well as a links page.
Magic Max 
Stocks a vast selection of supplies for everyone from beginning magician to professional, specializes in the manufacture of unique magic tricks.
Magic Presto 
Magic tricks for the beginner and professional magician including antique and used magic.
Magic Smith 
A comprehensive online magic store.
Magic Studio 
Full line magic shop with secure server. Makers of the original super needle balloon plus the giant sucker trick.
Magic Tricks 
Magic Whiz offers a wide variety of magic tricks such as card tricks, coin tricks, and many more that will surely guide you to provoke your engaging audience.
Magic World 
Supplies, including accessories, novelty items, and illusions.
Magic tricks, illusions, books, special effects, and lectures. 
Magic, juggling, ventriloquist and clown items and tricks.
Magical Fun Discount Magic 
Magic, clowning, and juggling props, books, videos, and supplies.
Magician's Supply 
Magician's supply is the online magic store which carries a full line of magic tricks including, card tricks, coin tricks, magic sets, videos and books. 
Beginner's, intermediate, and advanced magic kits, party goods, and juggling supplies. Secure online ordering.
Magic effects, books, and videotapes. Based in Dallas, Texas. 
Vintage magic posters can be bought, sold and traded on this informative site. Also, learn about collecting and preserving these vintage items.
Video demonstrations of coins, cards and other carefully crafted magic equipment. 
Online magic tricks store in U.K., specializing in close-up and impromptu magic for all ages and abilities.
Professional magic tricks, supplies, posters, memorabilia. Fast shipping on thousands of in-stock magic items.
UK magic shop provides rare magic from around the world, from closeup magic tricks, to large stage illusions. Purchase online securely.
Make it Magic 
Sells close-up, coin, comedy, escape, fire, and mental magic, books, videos, props, and accessories.
Mario Carrandi Inc 
Antique magician's paraphernalia, authentic Houdini items, original magic posters, out of print magic books.
Mark Wilson Video Course in Magic 
Learn 200 master magic secrets on these videos. 8 video volumes, with props.
Marked Cards 
Professionally hand marked Bicycle brand playing cards.
Martinka Museum of Magic 
Virtual showcase of vintage magic ephemera and props, and auctions.
Meir Yedid Magic 
Manufacturers of original magic. Offers videos, DVD's and history information.
Merlin's Magic Shop 
from the basic beginners to the profession. We also stock Magic tricks for the beginners to professional. Also offers books, videos and dvd's which contain everything you need to know about magic.
Merlin's Magical Kingdom 
Offer more than 3000 magic tricks, books, videos and dvd's for all skill levels of magicians.
Michael Ammar Magic 
Secure magic store featuring magic videos, books, props, instructions, and tricks.
MidKnight Magic 
Suppliers of juggling and magic equipment.
Misdirections Magic Shop 
Northern California. Everything for the professional to the amateur.
Monty's World of Magic 
Magic tricks and supplies for all ages. Free magic trick mail list. Calendar of upcoming magic events.
Mr. E's Magic 
Internet supplier of professional and amateur magic needs. Online ordering of coin magic, card tricks, close up as well as stage and parlor magic and a large assortment of books and videos.
Natzler Enterprises Magic 
Secure online shopping for card magic books, videos and tricks.
One Stop Gift and Magic Shop 
Wichita Kansas, USA. Fax or order online.
Online Discount Magic Store 
Magic tricks, card magic, coin magic, gags, and pranks.
Paul Gordon's The Best In Magic 
Offers magic books, videos, and tricks.
Penguin Magic Online Shop 
Specializes in free tricks and instructional videos with emphasis on David Blaine street magic, coin magic, and card tricks.
PH Marketing Magic Tricks 
Card tricks and conjuring tricks for magicians and magical hobbyists.
PJ's Trick Shop 
Magic tricks, magic books, and magic videos as well as practical jokes, halloween items, juggling supplies, custom items, and makeup, masks, and wigs.
PM Magic 
PM Magic sells magic created by Petrick for close-up and stage. His original creations are for beginners and professionals.
Proposte Magiche 
Various magic effects and illusions available.
Rich Hill's Illusion Shop 
Stage illusions and magic, illusion plans, and pre-owned magic.
Ron Allesi's Magic for Sale 
Used, rare, and antique magic for sale, including props, books, and memorabilia.
Rondini's Abracadabra Magic Shop 
Sells magic tricks for the beginner to advanced magician.
Royalty Free Music For Magicians 
A CD by Richard Allen containing over 60 minutes of original royalty free music tailored especially to the performing magician.
Scoop's Magic Shoppe' 
Retail sale of quality magical illusions and accessories to seasoned professionals and amateurs alike.
See-More Magic Shop 
An online magic shop selling magic supplies, books, videos, routines and more for the beginner to the professional. Includes exclusively produced effects.
Shamrock Magic and Collectibles 
Manufacture/retail and wholesale sales of fine heirloom quality wands and coin boxes for professional magicians, magic lovers, and collectors.
Simplex Magic Catalog 
Catalog pages of magic tricks: cards, rings, candles, dove items, mentalism, props, close-up, stage.
Splashes Creative Services 
Magic illusions, levitations and show props for magicians. The Las Vegas based company creates, designs and builds custom magic illusions and levitation props.
Spot Lite Magic & Costumes 
A discount store for magicians, clowns, ventriloquists, and comedians. Magic videos, close-up magic, card magic.
St. Louis Magic Company 
Online magic store includes free tricks, magic on tv, free magic classified ads.
Stephan's Card Production 
The new method to produce cards. A magic manipulation book for magicians.
Stevens Magic Emporium 
Variety of effects, videos and books.
T.A. Hamilton Magic Studio and Fx Catalog 
Professional magic catalog of tricks, illusions and magician supplies. Free magic tricks hosted by Master Magician and Illusionist T.A. Hamilton.
Tannens's Magic 
Over 2000 tricks, books, videos and posters available. Secure online shopping cart.
Taurus Magic Supply 
Supplier of used magic tricks, magic books as well as new magic tricks and hypnosis, fireating courses.
Terrific Toys 
Offers children's magic kits, and wizard hats.
The Magic Supply Company 
Secure online store for high quality, professional supplies and accessories.
The Magic Company 
UK shop selling a range of magical effects from some of the most respected names in the business.
The Magic Corner 
Secure online catalog of magic supplies, clowning accessories and juggling equipment.
The Magic Joke Shop 
Magic tricks and jokes, fancy dress and masks, wigs and some slighly rude but fun products for adults. Located in Cambridge, England.
The Magic Key 
Offers various electronic devices for magic tricks.
The Magic Raffle 
Online magic shop and auctions of magic videos, DVD, books, magic tricks and novelty items.
The Magic Warehouse 
On-line magic shop that sells magic tricks.
The Mystic Haven 
Quality magic at discount prices.
The Trickery Magic Shop 
Online magic shop for beginners to professionals. Secure online ordering.
Tony's Trick & Joke Shop 
Located in Canada, offering online purchasing of a variety of magic products.
Toodles Clown Shop 
Specializing in magic for professional clowns.
Tricks International 
We supply, design and manufacture aluminum illusions as well as designing street magic. 
Trickshop specializes in magic tricks for street, close-up and stand-up performances, as well as stage hypnotism and mentalism.
Twin Tower Productions Inc 
Florida Keys filming and entertainment, offering "Scripted Magic."
Videotape Lessons in Magic 
Teaches you how to perform magic with everyday objects.
Viking Magic Manufacturing 
Magic supplies and information.
Vintage Magic Apparatus 
Get pictures and descriptions of antique, vintage and just plain used magic apparatus, books, tricks, and posters.
Visual Magic 
Fire, close-up, dove, stage, and bizarre magic. Featuring Used Magic List.
Wholesale Magic Distributor 
Wholesale magic distributor of magic tricks, practical jokes, juggling supplies, and clown supplies designed and packaged for consumers.
Wire Grams 
This is an information site with links to our distributors.
Wizard Magic Shop 
Specializes in magic for the business industry including trade shows, conventions, banquets. Consulting services for television, theatre, and others too.
Wizardcraft Magic 
Sells various magic tricks and props.
World of Magic 
Online magic store, featuring magic tricks for kids and adults, gags, pranks, clown supplies, books, videos, props, and exclusive FunPaks. 
Sells a quick start close-up magic kit which includes enhanced video lessons, secret props and accessories.