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Album reviews, with pictures, and related links. 
Album and live reviews, including news and downloads. Teen Album Reviews 
Shari Waters' teen-orientated reviews. Organised by artist name.
After the End of the World 
Paul Carr's concert and album reviews, focusing on the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area. 
Album reviews with ratings and cover art. Includes reviewer's 'best of' lists.
Bad Monkey X 
Reviews of new and classic albums in a variety of genres, including rock, electronic, heavy, indie,, and pop.
Big Beef and Beer 
Album reviews with ratings and cover art. 
Canadian and popular album reviews, organized by artist and genre.
Church of Rock, The 
News, interviews, and member reviews.
Classic Albums 
Classic album reviews from various critics. 
Featuring in-depth reviews, current news, and other information on many bands, plus extras such as book reviews, and artist interviews.
Dotmusic Reviews 
UK site reviewing albums, singles, and live performances.
DPW's Album Reviews 
Track listing, grading and a "best" and "worst" track selection for a large selection of albums in many different genres.
Drawer B 
Archive of reviews from both independent and established artists. With submission information.
Ear to the Sound 
Dedicated to reviewing legendary music artists. Includes artist profiles, album reviews, covers and ratings. 
Music reviews and opinions written by consumers.
Eraser Online 
Reviews of industrial, gothic, synth-pop, crossover, and alternative metal.
eSoundz Reporter 
Weekly reviews sent via email. 
Reviews music of different styles, including related links and contests.
FM Sound 
Monthly music reviews, interviews, and news.
Album and live reviews, mainly from the UK.
Offers music reviews, editorials and polls.
Reader-submitted reviews and discussion forum.
Indie Music Guide 
Independent electronic, hip-hop and rock reviews.
Reviews of CDs from many genres.
Into Liquid Sky 
Graded reviews of Top 40 music, with an archive.
Iterian Music Review 
Reviews of albums from the 1980s to today.
Pop, rock, and hip-hop reviews from Malaysia.
Jim Trageser's Music Reviews 
Two decades' worth of reviews of albums from all styles of music.
Just Like Honey 
Album and single reviews in a variety of genres.
LA Music Scene 
Reviews of albums and concerts, from Los Angeles, US.
User-contributed reviews in all genres.
Luna Kafé 
Archive of music reviews from around the world. 
Source of critiques on Latin, Jazz, Funk and Dance recordings.
Metacritic Music 
Reviews from various critics and music publications on new releases in a variety of genres.
Monkey Music 
Reviews in all genres of music.
Music Misfits 
Reviews of albums and concerts, reader comments, and audio clips.
Music Reviews Quarterly 
Reviews of a variety of musical styles. 
Album and concert reviews in all genres with music-related articles and interviews. 
Fan-submitted and original reviews of modern rock and alternative albums. Includes editorials and submission information.
Amalgamates reviews of artists and albums from other sites. 
Music reviews, including albums, gigs, singles and opera, plus interviews and a venues directory.
Reviews of releases from many genres. 
Reviews focusing on jazz, pop, funk, and soul music. Includes a photo gallery.
Nude As the News 
Album and live reviews, with a searchable archive. Focuses mainly on rock and alternative rock releases.
NY Rock 
Reviews of albums, and concerts in New York City. Includes audio and video clips and pictures.
PauseRecord: CD Reviews 
Current rock, bluegrass and jazz reviews. With audio and related links.
Specializes in Urban music, reviewing major record label releases and independent material.
Pops Noble Underground 
Pop, urban, indie and underground music reviews.
Music reviews indexed by artist, label and genre.
Randy's Rodeo 
Includes reviews of albums in categories such as alternative, austin, country, jazz, lounge, oldies, power pop, punk, reggae, rock, seventies and soul.
Rate Your Music 
User submitted album reviews and ratings. 
Reviews of new music releases, with related links and track listings.
Reviews Unlimited 
Short reviews of popular music genres. Featuring self-release, major and independent labels.
Pop and rock album reviews, concert reviews, and contests.
Robert Christgau 
Pop and rock reviews from Rolling Stone reviewer and author of Christgau's Consumer Guide.
Reviews and other information about selected releases on
Roots Music Report 
Reviews blues, folk, bluegrass, country, alternative country and roots in a weekly chart format.
Score Central 
Film music reviews. Includes soundtrack news, message board, audio clips, submissions, and contests.
Seniority Music Reviews 
Inclues styles of classical, pop, and jazz with a slant towards seniors.
Sexbuzz: Music 
Album reviews of many popular genres.
Sincere Brutality 
Independent and underground CD reviews.
SonicNet: Album Reviews 
Album reviews covering all genres.
Sound Bytes 
Reviews of independent folk and roots-related CDs. Written by Canadian journalist and arts critic Bob MacKenzie.
Stanky Groove 
Concert and CD reviews.
Techno Punk 
A focus on drum'n'bass, techno, trance, house and punk reviews and interviews.
The Aural Chamber 
The cranky, acerbic reviews of today's pop music by a cantankerous granny.
The Daily Vault 
Album reviews with liner notes, ratings, and a feature story.
The Greatest 1,000 Albums 
List of 1,000 greatest albums of all time, along with year end best-of lists from many different critics and publications.
The Instrumental Weekly 
Reviews of instrumental and ambient music, as well as related resource information.
The Night Owl 
Reviews on a wide range of styles by a member of the National Music Critics Association.
The Onion AV Club 
Large archive of album and single reviews, organised alphabetically by artist name.
The Song 
News and reviews from the world of music. Various artists are featured.
Tomas: Album Reviews   
Personal and in-depth track by track opinions on a wide variety of current releases.
W and A's Record Reviews 
Many reviews spanning various genres, new and old.
Zimo and Bing's Music Tribute 
The two owners review purchased CDs with the objective of giving other purchasers another person's opinion, rather than an objective review.
Zx-2 Music Ratings Network 
A user-contributed directory of music CD ratings. Users can view ratings on music CDs that are like movie ratings and can submit or modify their own CD ratings.